Arrested Development: Season 2, Ep. 11-Out on a Limb

Rating: 4/5

Finally! I had heard that Buster loses his hand from a friend and I was pretty upset that she ruined it for me. However, when I actually saw the scene, gross!

In this episode we see that Michael is finally going out with Sally but I don’t know why if she had already stated that she does not go out with anyone her father approves. They decide to tell George Michael who is thrilled about this and definitely approves. However, things are ruined when Gob tells them he is being sued for divorce. Apparently, he forgot that he had gotten married in a night of  escalating dares. She however, has gone off to war and left her seals in his care. After trying to include them in his magic act, he decides this won’t work out and decides to release the seals into the ocean (remember this fact.)

Michael informs Gob that George had prepaid Barry to divorce Tobias and Lindsay and let’s him use his services on his own marriage. It is here that Gob realizes he doesn’t remember what his wife looked like or even her name (he jokes that if her name is Amy, he’ll make fun of it, which is actually her name [Amy Poehler plays his onset and real life wife]).

Barry tells them that he is busy with another case and tells Michael that the defendant is Maggie Lizer. Intrigued, Michael goes to court on to see that Maggie is 8 1/2 months pregnant and that they stopped dating 8 1/2 months ago (even though the episode had aired a year earlier.) However, Maggie insists that the baby is not his. Michael being the good guy, decides to break up with Sally even though she breaks up with him after deciding that he is always looking for some excuse to not be with her.

Meanwhile, George dressed as Oscar, tells Buster to not go to war and that he is his father. Buster misinterprets this, even though Oscar really is his father, and storms off to war to spite Lucille. Maeby and George Michael decide to bring Ann to Lucille’s place so she can break up him. Lucille however, is depressed and asks Ann to teach her how to believe and how to pray. Ann is thrilled and decides she likes Lucille.

Tobias and Lindsay are sent on Michael’s request to see if Maggie really is pregnant and find a pregnancy suit. They call Michael and tells him that she is not really pregnant but this happens before they test some urine which states that she is pregnant and that Michael is going to be a dad, again. Michael hears this and tells Maggie off only to end up being wrong as she lifts up her shirt and indeed, is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Lucille prays that God take anything from the family that will keep Buster from going to war. This is when Buster is swimming in the ocean as an act of defiance against Lucille, and ends up having his left hand bitten off by a “loose seal” (haha, Lucille, loose seal.)

I feel that music played some role in this as while Lucille, Oscar and Buster are at the beach, suspenseful music is played. When George is talking about never really reaching out and giving Buster a “hand”, more suspenseful music is played. Also, I’m pretty upset that Maggie is brought back because I never liked her and she caused the end of Sally and Michael which I was totally rooting for:(




Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 10-Ready, Aim, Marry Me!

Rating: 4/5

Once again we begin with Lucille complaining to Michael but this time, with an actual worry. Lucille is worried that Lucille 2 is making some sort of power play against the Bluth Company. Meanwhile, George is trying to get Michael with Sally and gives him a date basket to work it out. This however, does not work out as Michael thinks that Sally is hiding from him and instead gives the basket to Tobias who thinks that it is for him and Michael. Again, “subtle” hints of Tobias actually being gay which is why he cannot do anything with Lindsay.

Gob expresses similar thoughts as he walks into Lucille 2 hanging up the phone which causes him to believe that she is making a power move. After telling Michael this, he too is convinced and decides to take action. He tells George this and he decides to send over “Uncle Jack” who is not actually their uncle However, his legs were broken in a body building fiasco. In return for his help, Jack states that he must have the blonde (Lindsay.) Feeling terrible about this, Michael reluctantly agrees. Lindsay thinks that she is on a date with Jack’s assistant, Dragon, and agrees to go. Later, she reveals that she knew that she was set up but because she never does anything for the company, she realized she should take a bullet for them.

This all happens at the hotel resort where Tobias had gone to enjoy his date basket while waiting for Lindsay to show up. He ends up calling Michael to use the basket with him, again, pretty gay. Lindsay and Jack show up there and go horse back riding. Lucille 2 and Stan Sitwell show up on a date and not actually planning to take control of the Bluth company. Gob and Buster also show up to break up the date and take back Lucille 2, both believing that they are going out with her. As you can probably guess, this all ends in a fight and Lucille 2 ultimately, gets sick of this. She announces she will sell her shares of the company and let someone else run them. However, she ends up selling them to Uncle Jack who then names Lindsay president of the Bluth Company. This doesn’t actually happen as no one would let Lindsay be president.

It is in this episode that we see Lindsay perform a chicken dance much like Gob but not exactly like his. I think that itself is pretty funny. I felt that throughout this episode thank goodness, their suspicions finally added up to something however, it was not something good.

Arrested Development: Season 2,Episode 9-Burning Love

Rating: 4/5

It’s kinda weird to see that this episode is about the charity bachlorette auction. Like it has already been a year?! I mean I know this is just a show so naturally it seems like time goes by quicker but still! I’m kinda saddened by this.

Anyway, George Michael is off looking for CDs for a christian cd burning bonfire that Ann has asked him to participate in. At first, I liked this girl because she was better to be obsessed over than Maeby but now this girl is just super weird, and creepy and it’s probably because she’s super religious. I think it’s because I never really cared for religious fanatics that I’m like “this girl is crazy.”

Michael meanwhile, is working at the banana stand while George Michael is out buying CDs for the burning. It is here that his old crush, Sally Sitwell, appears and Michael is clearly not over her. Gob reveals that he is still with Lucille 2 but does not care for her. Michael realizes that now is his chance to win Sally over and “accidentally” runs into her at the country club. Stan and Sally invite him over to their table and also invite Gob and Lucille 2. Because of this, both Bluth men are embarrassed and have to pretend to not care about the girls they really do. To top that embarrassment, Michael’s card is declined after George used the card to buy a hot tub for the attic.

Meanwhile, Lucille cannot find anyone to bid on her at the auction while Lindsay seduces actor Moses Taylor so that he could bid on her. It is here that Michael decides to bid on Sally to win her over. Buster however, is saddened that he cannot be with Lucille 2. Michael sees this and decides to give his bidding money to Buster. He ends up bidding on Lucille 2 for the second year in a row.

Michael of course, is left upset as he can no longer bid on Sally. Stan sees this and states that he was hoping that Michael would bid on her as he always liked him. With the approval of Stan, Michael exchanges his Corvette for money to bid on Sally. Sally however, tells Michael that she will not date anyone who her father approves of.

I failed to mention that on this night, George Michael and Ann share their first kiss which of course, is as awkward as you’d think it would be. I hate that these writers just cannot leave Michael to be happy. Like this girl actually seemed normal and nice and not insane but no, he just cannot be happy. I mean whatever, people keep watching for this and gets high ratings.

(Even though Arrested Development was highly praised by critics but not well received by  the audience. I mean, it was almost canceled before this season and after this season as well. This is definitely because of the initial boring vibe that this show gives off. I feel like because of this, people don’t really want to watch.)

Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 8-Queen for a Day

Rating 4.5/5

We begin with George Michael reminiscing over love letters he has written to Maeby. Clearly, he still loves her but continues to see Ann as he rejects Michael’s offer of being driven to school and decides to go with Ann.

Meanwhile, Michael insists that Buster go out and meet someone who isn’t his mother ( a continuing play on the incest theme going around this whole show.) Gob however, is determined to convince Michael to hire him back after being fired by Stan Sitwell as he keeps pushing an idea for Swing City then F*** Mountain.

After receiving news that stocks has been unfrozen, the Bluth’s rush to sell in order to make some quick money. Michael uses this as his chance to finally get a real car. However, his Bluth blood causes him to turn down several cheap and practical cars and instead chooses to buy a Corvette after seeing that a windbreaker and cool sunglasses came included.

Michael ends up setting up Buster with Starla after realizing that they both love Lucille. Buster actually ends up really liking Starla and she really likes him too but upon hearing that Lucille 2 is planning a takeover after realizing that she is head of Standpoor. Gob hears of this and decides to sleep with Lucille. Like really, he’s funny but sleeps with anyone and quite frankly, that is way too gross.

Meanwhile, Tobias is working on a club called the “Queen Mary” which he brought dirt cheap as it is in a bad neighborhood. This turns out to be extremely true after his “gang” of club dancers get in a fight with a legit gang. He ends up really beat up which again causes him to go to the hospital (an ongoing joke as Tobias has ended up in the hospital several times during this season.)

Again, this episode is a play on the ridiculousness of business. Especially with the financial meltdown, it’s funny to think about the fact that perhaps things like this really happen in the business world. Also, I wish that everyone would just admit that Tobias is gay. I mean, he buys a gay club, and just oozes the whole gay feeling (not in a bad way.) I mean not in a bad way because this is the whole reason Tobias is my favorite character:)

Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 6-Afternoon Delight

Rating: 4/5

This episode once again focuses on Michael trying to reinforce his relationship with George Michael. He does this by fishing out the banana stand from a pool which is tradition as teenagers vandalize the stand every Christmas. George Michael declines and announces that instead of attending the annual Bluth Company Christmas party, he will attend Ann’s Christmas party. Michael is jealous and decides to take Maeby to the Christmas party instead.

Gob, meanwhile, is off being a jerk at the office and bringing anyone down who ruins his $2,600 pants. Angered by this, the staff is pretty upset when the time for the Christmas party comes as no one wants to get on his bad side. After threatening the workers about sexual harrassment, every guy in the office is scared to flirt with Lindsay.

The part that I absolutely love is when Michael decides to throw a new Christmas and Lucille shows up high. This is due to the fact that Michael notices that Lucille is lonely after Oscar goes on a pilgrimage and she believes that Buster is out with the Army when he is really out playing Skill Crane.

Michael then asks Oscar to come back and give her some Afternoon Delight (sex) which he takes as “Afternoon Deelight” (weed.) Oscar returns and gives it to Lucille in brownies. She then craves bananas which is why she shows up at the banana stand and proceeds to run it down. In doing so, she runs over Tobias who’s ears she had blown her rape horn in.

After these incidents, Michael realizes that perhaps power has been redistributed all wrong in the company. He realizes that it is best for him to be president  of the company and Gob take back his place as life of the party.

I feel that this episode was one of those just for fun episodes as there was no real important background stuff than the previous episodes.

Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 5-Sad Sack

Rating: 3/5

I don’t know but once again, this one of those episodes that I’m not too fond of which is why I have rated it lower than usual. Once again, I feel that this is because of the incompetence of not only the Bluths, the workers, but of the government as well. Perhaps it is also because of a bit of focus on Maeby and her attempts at a relationship Steve Holt even though he has a slight thing for Lindsay and my dislike of Maeby.

Also, perhaps it is the fact that Lindsay is trying to take Steve Holt from Maeby just to show she still has sex appeal. Meanwhile this is going on, Michael meets with a new prosecutor who is actually Wayne Jarvis, their ex lawyer. Wayne tells Michael that if he gives George in, he will have immunity from any accusation. Michael of course, is conflicted as this is still his father. After seeing picture evidence of George’s treason, he decides perhaps he should give him in. However, Barry Zuckerkorn, in his one moment of knowledge, reveals that the evidence against George is actually a close up picture of “balls” which Tobias had taken by accident and emailed while trying to figure out how to use Gob’s new phone.

Michael tells George of the offer Wayne had given him and upon seeing that Lucille is truly over him, insists that Michael turn him over. However, after the whole ball picture thing is revealed, Michael realizes he should not give in this sad man.

Just as the previous episodes had, I love this show’s commentary on society. This episode focuses on the wrong of the Patriot Act as the rapid information sharing between federal agencies in this episode, only to end up providing false information and making everyone seem incompetent. Similar to the thing in class where faster technology ends up being the most incorrect, we have proven this true.

Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 4-Good Grief

Rating: 4.5/5

This episode got me interested because of the recurring references to the comic strip Snoopy. I first noticed this as the episode begins with the usual which is, Michael being upset over Gob being president while he does all the work. Lucille announces that Ice has found George and invites everyone over to the condo where Ice has provided snacks and drinks (for his primary passion is catering, not bounty hunting.) Michael decides to find George Michael to tell him this just as Ann is in the middle of breaking up with him because she feels Michael continues to interrupt their relationship. George Michael is devastated and walks home super down in the dumps which sparks this whole Snoopy “themed” show.

Back at the condo, Ice announces that he has discovered that George was killed by a prison guard and presents his dental record, death certificate and political cartoon (which featured George in a cornballer.) However, George is not dead at all and instead found a “loophole” in the Mexican judicial system aka paid off the prison. I’m glad that this show is bringing to light the corruptness in Mexican system which is quite frankly disgusting. Things like this happen all the time in Mexico and it’s sad to see that everyone except for Mexico realizes how wrong this is.

Anyway, the family proceeds to go insane and convinced that he will end up in Poof magazine, Gob suggests that his body be used as George’s and to be buried alive. Naturally, this backfires as he chooses Buster to be his assistant and when he tells Buster that George is dead, he loses it, and leaves the act therefore reveals Gob and the secret door he was going to escape from. He is then really buried alive as he rolls into the hole he was to be buried in.

George Michael eventually finds George hiding in a hole on the property (Saddam Hussein style) which is again referencing what was going down with the Saddam Hussein capture in 2003.

George Michael is convinced by George to continue to hide him. His good nature however, forces him to tell Michael who refuses to believe him as he thinks “I have Pop Pop in the attic” means “I’m having sex with Ann in the attic”. Clearly, he is a Bluth due to his poor lack of judgement. At the wake, they realize that no one really liked George as no one had anything good to say.

After finding a box of Glisten, George’s favorite toothpaste, Michael realizes he was wrong and that George really is in the house. Michael confirms this and calls everyone upstairs to see but only to end up with George hiding in the Aztec tomb. Michael promises to keep his being there a secret and apologizing to George Michael who then reveals that he and Ann are back together.

Again, I’m glad these episodes are becoming more and more commentary based rather than solely stupid. I was thinking isn’t it a little too soon to be talking about Saddam Hussein like, wasn’t he just killed. But then again, he was a bad guy and I forgot he wasn’t executed til 2 years after this episode aired.