Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 18-Righteous Brothers

Rating: 5/5

This episode begins with Michael noticing that the house is going downhill as his pen rolls off the table. A contractor tells him that the pipes in the house are attached to nothing and that the house is sinking in. This is directly aimed at what Michael had said in an ealier episode about “Sudden Valley” sounding like a sinkhole and indeed the house was sinking into the ground. Michael is notified that an inspector must come in and red tag the house which means George will have to leave.

Meanwhile, Maeby invites George Micheal to a screening of the American remake of  “Dangerous Cousins” which only rekindles his feelings for her. She gives him tickets to invite everyone he knows and he invites Ann who suggests they protest the movie but this backfires as it only causes more excitement around the film and sells more tickets.

Tobias resigns as assistant as the Blue Man Group has asked him to go to Las Vegas. Lindsay however, refuses to leave and go to Las Vegas. Kitty then returns stating that she will no longer bother the Bluths and she only needs a man in her life. Michael ends up setting Tobias up with Kitty and they end up actually hitting it off.

Meanwhile, Gob is sent to get George and drop him off at the police station. He uses Franklin to knock him out and drives him in the stair car where he notices that Michael has not listened to the CD he made for him. Michael finally signs the paper that will give him immunity from going to jail only to be informed by Wayne Jarvis that he has a photo of Michael driving an unconscious George somewhere. Although the photo is clearly Gob holding a photo of Michael and it looks like it is Michael driving, Michael is arrested. Gob however, refuses to testify as he is hurt that Michael has not listened to the CD.

George Michael tries to break up with Ann but realizes that he might get a kiss out of helping her and decides to not break up. Lucille however, is about to tell George Michael that his father is in jail but is interrupted after seeing Kitty and Tobias together so she tells her instead. Meanwhile, Buster confronts Oscar about lying about being his father.

Back at jail, Michael hears Gob’s Cd and realizes he can’t turn his brother in and at the same moment, Gob realizes he can’t do that to Michael. He decides to tell the police what he has done. At the mansion, Maeby tells George Michael to not go after the first person who shows him they care but does not follow her advice as she ends up truly kissing George Michael and are seen by Gob who is only worried about that the house has sunk in more and George is hidden underneath.

Gob runs to the courthouse after discovering that George ran away. Michael fights him for turning himself in and ruining everything which is similar to the fight at the last season’s finale. Lindsay shows up to fight Kitty for Tobias but ends up getting knocked out by Kitty. When she wakes up, she is proud that she fought for Tobias but he states that he is still leaving to Vegas with Kitty. Meanwhile George shows up and turns himself in when it is actually Oscar who is turning himself in after George cut his hair.

The season ends with the previews showing George taking Tobias’ role in the Blue Man group. I’m really happy with this ending because I was definately expecting George to give himself in but clearly, he would never do such a thing. However, this upset me as he’d rather risk his own family’s safety and well being in order to save his own and this is quite a disappointment.

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