Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 16-Meat the Veals

Rating: 4/5

This episode begins with Oscar suggesting that the Bluths throw a party for Lucille and George’s anniversary to show who has been there for Lucille and who was not. After learning about this, George asks Gob to take him to the church of the Good Shepard so that he can surprise Lucille by renewing their vows. George Micheal, meanwhile, has decided to get pre engaged to Ann which comes as a huge shocker for Michael. He decides to talk to her parents and see what they think about this. Sadly,  the Veals are thrilled that Ann is to be pre engaged and completely support them.

In an attempt to change their mind, Michael invites the Veals to the anniversary party so they can see how terrible his family is. Meanwhile, Tobias is still acting as Mrs. Featherbottom which Maeby and Lindsay use to their advantage as they use him to cater the party. Michael asks Gob to bring along his super offensive, black puppet Franklin to scare the Veals even more. However, George has asked Gob to use Franklin to kidnap Lucille and take her to the chapel to renew the vows. Lucille and Buster end up getting knocked out by Gob who then takes Lucille to the church. Meanwhile, Ann’s super hot mom makes a move on Michael and kisses him on the balcony where Tobias and George Michael see.  George Michael is angered by this and decides to go ahead and pre propose to Ann with his mother’s ring. Ann decides they should get married now and takes him to the church where Lucille and George should be renewing their vows. Michael arrives and tries to put a stop to this by announcing that Ann’s mom hit on him which only angers Pastor Veal. The two fight it out in the church. The police arrive after getting a tip that George was there but he ends up fleeing with Tobias’ wig.  George Michael sees that he was wrong and convinces Ann not to marry him. However, she is now determined to lose her virginity to him and gets crazy again.

I feel that although this is episode was funny, it wasn’t really great. Like so far I have felt that this whole season. There have been several good moments but nothing like the first season. However, I do like the commentary on marriage at a young age as I feel people that get married so young are ruining their lives and especially with a crazy girl like Ann,nuh uh.

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