Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 12-Hand to God

Rating: 4/5

This episode begins with Michael informing George Michael of the “fact” that Maggie is pregnant and that he will have a little brother which George Michael is excited about. However, Maggie has decided to never speak to him again. Lucille calls screaming that Buster’s been hurt and the family rushes to the hospital where the misleading doctor is there to tell them that Buster will be all right, which actually means all right hand as his left hand was bitten off. Along with this attack, he has suffered memory loss and forgets that Oscar is his father. Lucille uses this to her advantage and tells him that George Sr. is his father. It is here that Michael receives advice from Buster which is that clearly, he still has feelings for her and that he should go out and be with her even is she hates him.

Michael uses this advice and meets Maggie at the bar where they first met. Maggie informs him that a week before they met she had gone to a sperm bank and the father is some guy from Harvard. Michael states that he does not care and that he will raise this child as if it were his own but regrets this as soon as he says it. Meanwhile, Buster finally comes home and has a hook as a replacement for his hand, who thought it was a brilliant idea, I don’t know. Gob arrives and is terrified to see this. Buster tells them that the seal that bit him was wearing a yellow bow tie. Tobias states that a seal would never attack unless it has acquired a taste for mammal blood. Gob realizes that this was his seal and that it had acquired a taste for blood after attacking a cat and biting his hand. Both Lucille and Gob tell Michael that Buster’s accident was their fault but Michael is too preoccupied over finding out who the father is.

This time, Lindsay and Tobias refuse to break in to Maggie’s and instead recruits George Michael to help. George Michael squeezes in through the doggy door but runs out as he is scared. He manages to grab a note that says “Really eager to hear from you” along with a phone number. Police men who had met Michael at the bar earlier arrive and state that no one should try to break in as his partner was in there with his gun drawn. George Michael is terrified and they leave.

Michael uses Gene Parmesan to track the address of the phone number. This leads them to the home of the police officer who had greeted them earlier. He invites Michael in and introduces him to his gay partner David. They tell him that they had hired Maggie to carry a baby for them but she was planning to raise the child with Michael. Michael decides to help the cops get their baby and outsmart Maggie.

Back at the courtroom, Maggie is with her large client who is actually the one who is pregnant and Maggie is not. She had upgraded to a latex pregnancy suit which is why it looked real. Upon finding out she could not get pregnant, Maggie fired her client to carry the baby for her which is why the urine came back positive (tested the wrong woman’s pee.) While at the stand, her client’s water breaks and Maggie fakes her water breaking as well.

Meanwhile, Gob tells Buster that he is responsible for the hand and Buster attacks him with the hook. They both end up going to the hospital. Michael and the policemen arrive at the hospital and are given the suit wrapped in a blanket. Eventually, they do get their baby. Maggie is ashamed of what she did and tells Michael this. They agree to no more lies, sex or even speaking but they end up having sex in the room. In the “on the next episode” segment we see that Maggie takes a pregnancy test which comes back positive and of course, can only be Michael’s baby. As where this is going, I have no idea.

Once again, I am upset that Maggie had to lie through everything but then again, she is a lawyer.  Also, I must say it was really stupid to have  a hook as a hand plus super creepy.

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