Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 10-Ready, Aim, Marry Me!

Rating: 4/5

Once again we begin with Lucille complaining to Michael but this time, with an actual worry. Lucille is worried that Lucille 2 is making some sort of power play against the Bluth Company. Meanwhile, George is trying to get Michael with Sally and gives him a date basket to work it out. This however, does not work out as Michael thinks that Sally is hiding from him and instead gives the basket to Tobias who thinks that it is for him and Michael. Again, “subtle” hints of Tobias actually being gay which is why he cannot do anything with Lindsay.

Gob expresses similar thoughts as he walks into Lucille 2 hanging up the phone which causes him to believe that she is making a power move. After telling Michael this, he too is convinced and decides to take action. He tells George this and he decides to send over “Uncle Jack” who is not actually their uncle However, his legs were broken in a body building fiasco. In return for his help, Jack states that he must have the blonde (Lindsay.) Feeling terrible about this, Michael reluctantly agrees. Lindsay thinks that she is on a date with Jack’s assistant, Dragon, and agrees to go. Later, she reveals that she knew that she was set up but because she never does anything for the company, she realized she should take a bullet for them.

This all happens at the hotel resort where Tobias had gone to enjoy his date basket while waiting for Lindsay to show up. He ends up calling Michael to use the basket with him, again, pretty gay. Lindsay and Jack show up there and go horse back riding. Lucille 2 and Stan Sitwell show up on a date and not actually planning to take control of the Bluth company. Gob and Buster also show up to break up the date and take back Lucille 2, both believing that they are going out with her. As you can probably guess, this all ends in a fight and Lucille 2 ultimately, gets sick of this. She announces she will sell her shares of the company and let someone else run them. However, she ends up selling them to Uncle Jack who then names Lindsay president of the Bluth Company. This doesn’t actually happen as no one would let Lindsay be president.

It is in this episode that we see Lindsay perform a chicken dance much like Gob but not exactly like his. I think that itself is pretty funny. I felt that throughout this episode thank goodness, their suspicions finally added up to something however, it was not something good.


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