Arrested Development: Season 2, Ep. 17-Spring Breakout

Rating: 4.5/5

We once again are at Spring Break. This can only mean one thing, the return of Kitty. And oh my goodness, she does, and strangely enough, she comes back way better looking than when we were first introduced to her in season 1.

We begin with Cal Cullen, one of the largest land owners, refusing to do business with the Bluth’s for their bad reputation. Lucille walks in drunk and further jeopardizes this deal. Cal leaves and it is here that Michael decides that perhaps it is time to do something about Lucille’s drinking problem. The Bluth’s decide to send Lucille off to rehab after several failed interventions. Lucille is tricked into going to rehab with the promise of going to a spa.

Meanwhile, Kitty arrives as she watched the Bluth Scandalmakers episode and realizing that he is hiding in the attic. She kidnaps George and holds him hostage as she has a cooler full of evidence against George. She hides him in a hotel claiming that he still owes her a baby. She calls Lucille to meet her in a bar to bargain for her husband.

Lindsay is busy at Spring Break to film “Men with Low Self-Esteem” in direct protest to “Girls with Low Self-Esteem.” Maeby is busy trying to find lines for her next film about teenage love. Gob meanwhile, is buys devising a plan to switch the cooler and George out of the hotel room. Lucille shows up at the bar where Kitty asks her to give her George’s sperm which had been saved years ago. Lucille refuses and Kitty challenges her to a drinking contest even though Lucille has just left rehab. Of course, Lucille wins and leaves Kitty who is asleep at the bar.

Gob regains his confidence after switching the coolers but ends up falling into a pool and destroying the evidence. His low self esteem then hits rock bottom as the teenagers laugh at him. Their switching of the coolers ended horribly as Lucille strangles Michael as she tells him that the cooler had George’s sperm hidden inside.

This episode is once again, like a breather episode except something big is actually happening. After finding out about George’s treason, it is clear to see why the cooler marked “H. MADDAS” is so important, it is because it is Saddam H. spelled from right to left like Arabic. I just wish that eventually we see what exactly is going to be used against George.

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