Arrested Development: Season 2, Ep. 13-The Immaculate Election

Rating: 4/5

Michael finally does something about Lindsay’s laziness after realizing that she has not cleaned the house since the fumigation they had the week before. After this, he decides to speak to George Michael after noticing that he has pretty low self esteem. Michael suggests that George Michael run for class president but only to have Ann beat him to it.

Back at the condo, Lupe  is left feeling bad for Buster who has lost his hand. She ends up sleeping with him to cheer him up and end up being caught by Lucille. Lucille fires her and on her way home, Lupe runs into Lindsay who tries to trick her into cleaning the model home for her. This plan backfires and Lindsay ends up cleaning the house.

Back at the office, Maeby is making copies for Steve Holt’s campaign and it is here that Michael realizes that perhaps George Michael is not as popular as he had believed. Michael ends up firing Gob after finding him walking around doing tricks and not working. After this, Michael rushes to school to try and stop George Michael from running but it’s too late. George Michael is actually thrilled and hires Ann to help him with his campaign.

Meanwhile, Lindsay hires a house keeper, who is actually Tobias dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire in an attempt to get closer to Maeby and prove that he can act. However, everyone knows he is Tobias but decide to not say anything. Lucille ends up getting a robot cleaner which Buster sleeps with as he is “half machine.”

Ann ends up working with Steve Holt on his campaign after George Michael gets help from Gob. Steve Holt ends up showing a very Christian themed video about not knowing who his father is while George Michael’s video bashes him for not kn0wing who his father is. Steve Holt feels bad and ends up dropping out of the race to find his father. It is later revealed that Gob might be his father. George Michael ends up losing in dead last place losing to “the Indian kid.”

I think that this is episode is successful because of it’s commentary on the 2004 presidential election. Once again they do this in a funny way as Steve Holt is portrayed to be like George Bush and George Michael as John Kerry. The Indian Kid is meant to be like Ralph Nader. Also, the religious theme plays on the fact that George W. Bush was popular among Christian folk and this is what ultimately helped him win the election.


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