Arrested Development: Season 2, Ep. 11-Out on a Limb

Rating: 4/5

Finally! I had heard that Buster loses his hand from a friend and I was pretty upset that she ruined it for me. However, when I actually saw the scene, gross!

In this episode we see that Michael is finally going out with Sally but I don’t know why if she had already stated that she does not go out with anyone her father approves. They decide to tell George Michael who is thrilled about this and definitely approves. However, things are ruined when Gob tells them he is being sued for divorce. Apparently, he forgot that he had gotten married in a night of  escalating dares. She however, has gone off to war and left her seals in his care. After trying to include them in his magic act, he decides this won’t work out and decides to release the seals into the ocean (remember this fact.)

Michael informs Gob that George had prepaid Barry to divorce Tobias and Lindsay and let’s him use his services on his own marriage. It is here that Gob realizes he doesn’t remember what his wife looked like or even her name (he jokes that if her name is Amy, he’ll make fun of it, which is actually her name [Amy Poehler plays his onset and real life wife]).

Barry tells them that he is busy with another case and tells Michael that the defendant is Maggie Lizer. Intrigued, Michael goes to court on to see that Maggie is 8 1/2 months pregnant and that they stopped dating 8 1/2 months ago (even though the episode had aired a year earlier.) However, Maggie insists that the baby is not his. Michael being the good guy, decides to break up with Sally even though she breaks up with him after deciding that he is always looking for some excuse to not be with her.

Meanwhile, George dressed as Oscar, tells Buster to not go to war and that he is his father. Buster misinterprets this, even though Oscar really is his father, and storms off to war to spite Lucille. Maeby and George Michael decide to bring Ann to Lucille’s place so she can break up him. Lucille however, is depressed and asks Ann to teach her how to believe and how to pray. Ann is thrilled and decides she likes Lucille.

Tobias and Lindsay are sent on Michael’s request to see if Maggie really is pregnant and find a pregnancy suit. They call Michael and tells him that she is not really pregnant but this happens before they test some urine which states that she is pregnant and that Michael is going to be a dad, again. Michael hears this and tells Maggie off only to end up being wrong as she lifts up her shirt and indeed, is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Lucille prays that God take anything from the family that will keep Buster from going to war. This is when Buster is swimming in the ocean as an act of defiance against Lucille, and ends up having his left hand bitten off by a “loose seal” (haha, Lucille, loose seal.)

I feel that music played some role in this as while Lucille, Oscar and Buster are at the beach, suspenseful music is played. When George is talking about never really reaching out and giving Buster a “hand”, more suspenseful music is played. Also, I’m pretty upset that Maggie is brought back because I never liked her and she caused the end of Sally and Michael which I was totally rooting for:(



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