Arrested Development: Season 2,Episode 9-Burning Love

Rating: 4/5

It’s kinda weird to see that this episode is about the charity bachlorette auction. Like it has already been a year?! I mean I know this is just a show so naturally it seems like time goes by quicker but still! I’m kinda saddened by this.

Anyway, George Michael is off looking for CDs for a christian cd burning bonfire that Ann has asked him to participate in. At first, I liked this girl because she was better to be obsessed over than Maeby but now this girl is just super weird, and creepy and it’s probably because she’s super religious. I think it’s because I never really cared for religious fanatics that I’m like “this girl is crazy.”

Michael meanwhile, is working at the banana stand while George Michael is out buying CDs for the burning. It is here that his old crush, Sally Sitwell, appears and Michael is clearly not over her. Gob reveals that he is still with Lucille 2 but does not care for her. Michael realizes that now is his chance to win Sally over and “accidentally” runs into her at the country club. Stan and Sally invite him over to their table and also invite Gob and Lucille 2. Because of this, both Bluth men are embarrassed and have to pretend to not care about the girls they really do. To top that embarrassment, Michael’s card is declined after George used the card to buy a hot tub for the attic.

Meanwhile, Lucille cannot find anyone to bid on her at the auction while Lindsay seduces actor Moses Taylor so that he could bid on her. It is here that Michael decides to bid on Sally to win her over. Buster however, is saddened that he cannot be with Lucille 2. Michael sees this and decides to give his bidding money to Buster. He ends up bidding on Lucille 2 for the second year in a row.

Michael of course, is left upset as he can no longer bid on Sally. Stan sees this and states that he was hoping that Michael would bid on her as he always liked him. With the approval of Stan, Michael exchanges his Corvette for money to bid on Sally. Sally however, tells Michael that she will not date anyone who her father approves of.

I failed to mention that on this night, George Michael and Ann share their first kiss which of course, is as awkward as you’d think it would be. I hate that these writers just cannot leave Michael to be happy. Like this girl actually seemed normal and nice and not insane but no, he just cannot be happy. I mean whatever, people keep watching for this and gets high ratings.

(Even though Arrested Development was highly praised by critics but not well received by  the audience. I mean, it was almost canceled before this season and after this season as well. This is definitely because of the initial boring vibe that this show gives off. I feel like because of this, people don’t really want to watch.)

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