Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 8-Queen for a Day

Rating 4.5/5

We begin with George Michael reminiscing over love letters he has written to Maeby. Clearly, he still loves her but continues to see Ann as he rejects Michael’s offer of being driven to school and decides to go with Ann.

Meanwhile, Michael insists that Buster go out and meet someone who isn’t his mother ( a continuing play on the incest theme going around this whole show.) Gob however, is determined to convince Michael to hire him back after being fired by Stan Sitwell as he keeps pushing an idea for Swing City then F*** Mountain.

After receiving news that stocks has been unfrozen, the Bluth’s rush to sell in order to make some quick money. Michael uses this as his chance to finally get a real car. However, his Bluth blood causes him to turn down several cheap and practical cars and instead chooses to buy a Corvette after seeing that a windbreaker and cool sunglasses came included.

Michael ends up setting up Buster with Starla after realizing that they both love Lucille. Buster actually ends up really liking Starla and she really likes him too but upon hearing that Lucille 2 is planning a takeover after realizing that she is head of Standpoor. Gob hears of this and decides to sleep with Lucille. Like really, he’s funny but sleeps with anyone and quite frankly, that is way too gross.

Meanwhile, Tobias is working on a club called the “Queen Mary” which he brought dirt cheap as it is in a bad neighborhood. This turns out to be extremely true after his “gang” of club dancers get in a fight with a legit gang. He ends up really beat up which again causes him to go to the hospital (an ongoing joke as Tobias has ended up in the hospital several times during this season.)

Again, this episode is a play on the ridiculousness of business. Especially with the financial meltdown, it’s funny to think about the fact that perhaps things like this really happen in the business world. Also, I wish that everyone would just admit that Tobias is gay. I mean, he buys a gay club, and just oozes the whole gay feeling (not in a bad way.) I mean not in a bad way because this is the whole reason Tobias is my favorite character:)

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