Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 6-Afternoon Delight

Rating: 4/5

This episode once again focuses on Michael trying to reinforce his relationship with George Michael. He does this by fishing out the banana stand from a pool which is tradition as teenagers vandalize the stand every Christmas. George Michael declines and announces that instead of attending the annual Bluth Company Christmas party, he will attend Ann’s Christmas party. Michael is jealous and decides to take Maeby to the Christmas party instead.

Gob, meanwhile, is off being a jerk at the office and bringing anyone down who ruins his $2,600 pants. Angered by this, the staff is pretty upset when the time for the Christmas party comes as no one wants to get on his bad side. After threatening the workers about sexual harrassment, every guy in the office is scared to flirt with Lindsay.

The part that I absolutely love is when Michael decides to throw a new Christmas and Lucille shows up high. This is due to the fact that Michael notices that Lucille is lonely after Oscar goes on a pilgrimage and she believes that Buster is out with the Army when he is really out playing Skill Crane.

Michael then asks Oscar to come back and give her some Afternoon Delight (sex) which he takes as “Afternoon Deelight” (weed.) Oscar returns and gives it to Lucille in brownies. She then craves bananas which is why she shows up at the banana stand and proceeds to run it down. In doing so, she runs over Tobias who’s ears she had blown her rape horn in.

After these incidents, Michael realizes that perhaps power has been redistributed all wrong in the company. He realizes that it is best for him to be president  of the company and Gob take back his place as life of the party.

I feel that this episode was one of those just for fun episodes as there was no real important background stuff than the previous episodes.

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