Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 5-Sad Sack

Rating: 3/5

I don’t know but once again, this one of those episodes that I’m not too fond of which is why I have rated it lower than usual. Once again, I feel that this is because of the incompetence of not only the Bluths, the workers, but of the government as well. Perhaps it is also because of a bit of focus on Maeby and her attempts at a relationship Steve Holt even though he has a slight thing for Lindsay and my dislike of Maeby.

Also, perhaps it is the fact that Lindsay is trying to take Steve Holt from Maeby just to show she still has sex appeal. Meanwhile this is going on, Michael meets with a new prosecutor who is actually Wayne Jarvis, their ex lawyer. Wayne tells Michael that if he gives George in, he will have immunity from any accusation. Michael of course, is conflicted as this is still his father. After seeing picture evidence of George’s treason, he decides perhaps he should give him in. However, Barry Zuckerkorn, in his one moment of knowledge, reveals that the evidence against George is actually a close up picture of “balls” which Tobias had taken by accident and emailed while trying to figure out how to use Gob’s new phone.

Michael tells George of the offer Wayne had given him and upon seeing that Lucille is truly over him, insists that Michael turn him over. However, after the whole ball picture thing is revealed, Michael realizes he should not give in this sad man.

Just as the previous episodes had, I love this show’s commentary on society. This episode focuses on the wrong of the Patriot Act as the rapid information sharing between federal agencies in this episode, only to end up providing false information and making everyone seem incompetent. Similar to the thing in class where faster technology ends up being the most incorrect, we have proven this true.

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