Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 4-Good Grief

Rating: 4.5/5

This episode got me interested because of the recurring references to the comic strip Snoopy. I first noticed this as the episode begins with the usual which is, Michael being upset over Gob being president while he does all the work. Lucille announces that Ice has found George and invites everyone over to the condo where Ice has provided snacks and drinks (for his primary passion is catering, not bounty hunting.) Michael decides to find George Michael to tell him this just as Ann is in the middle of breaking up with him because she feels Michael continues to interrupt their relationship. George Michael is devastated and walks home super down in the dumps which sparks this whole Snoopy “themed” show.

Back at the condo, Ice announces that he has discovered that George was killed by a prison guard and presents his dental record, death certificate and political cartoon (which featured George in a cornballer.) However, George is not dead at all and instead found a “loophole” in the Mexican judicial system aka paid off the prison. I’m glad that this show is bringing to light the corruptness in Mexican system which is quite frankly disgusting. Things like this happen all the time in Mexico and it’s sad to see that everyone except for Mexico realizes how wrong this is.

Anyway, the family proceeds to go insane and convinced that he will end up in Poof magazine, Gob suggests that his body be used as George’s and to be buried alive. Naturally, this backfires as he chooses Buster to be his assistant and when he tells Buster that George is dead, he loses it, and leaves the act therefore reveals Gob and the secret door he was going to escape from. He is then really buried alive as he rolls into the hole he was to be buried in.

George Michael eventually finds George hiding in a hole on the property (Saddam Hussein style) which is again referencing what was going down with the Saddam Hussein capture in 2003.

George Michael is convinced by George to continue to hide him. His good nature however, forces him to tell Michael who refuses to believe him as he thinks “I have Pop Pop in the attic” means “I’m having sex with Ann in the attic”. Clearly, he is a Bluth due to his poor lack of judgement. At the wake, they realize that no one really liked George as no one had anything good to say.

After finding a box of Glisten, George’s favorite toothpaste, Michael realizes he was wrong and that George really is in the house. Michael confirms this and calls everyone upstairs to see but only to end up with George hiding in the Aztec tomb. Michael promises to keep his being there a secret and apologizing to George Michael who then reveals that he and Ann are back together.

Again, I’m glad these episodes are becoming more and more commentary based rather than solely stupid. I was thinking isn’t it a little too soon to be talking about Saddam Hussein like, wasn’t he just killed. But then again, he was a bad guy and I forgot he wasn’t executed til 2 years after this episode aired.

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