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Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 3-¡Amigos!

Rating: 4.5/5

This is the first episode in which the Bluths are seen going to another country which in this case, is Mexico.

After presenting Gob with a new development plan, which he by the way, ignores, Michael states that he is hoping to taek George Michael to Legoland. Gob expresses interest in going with the family which Michael immediately shuts down. Michael asks him why doesn’t he go with his friends even though it is clear that he has none. While planning his trip, Lucille reveals that her private investigator, Gene Parmesan, found the stair car in Encanta, Mexico. Michael switches gears and decides to go to Mexico and take George Michael with him. Gob becomes suspicious of this as he believes Michael is fleeing the country to leave him with the failing company.  He decides to hire a bounty hunter named Ice to follow him to Mexico.

Michael meanwhile asks Tobias to accompany them to Mexico but claims that he has to go to the Blue Man Group Show in case they need him to take someone’s place. Lindsay decides to go along and  bring Maeby as she feels they have been growing apart. George Michael decides to bring Maeby after sensing that perhaps Michael does not like her and maybe it’s because he doesn’t know her too well.

At his going away party, Buster decides to sneak onto Michael’s car and go with him to Mexico in order to avoid going to the army. Lucille meanwhile continues spiting Buster and gets him a camcorder to record when he “gets put in a naked pyramid and they point at your charlie browns” which is an obvious referrence to the scandal going on during the Iraq war in which photographs surfaced of the prisoner abuse going on in Abu Ghraib prison. It’s been pretty interesting to see the commentary that this show has been making on the whole Iraq thing as the writers present it in a funny way which does not shut down the idea that perhaps Americans have been involved in similar situations.

Anyway, Buster does end up sneaking into Michael’s car but loses his glasses as he hides in the trunk and ends up getting off at Lupe’s house believing that they are actually in Mexico. Lupe exclaims that she must now take care of retardo. While driving, Michael becomes jealous of the fact that George Michael is too busy talking to “Annhog” instead of to him. Lindsay notices that Ice has been following them but she believes that it is because he likes her. Ice informs Gob of Michael’s whereabouts and Gob exclaims “Good job, friend.” It is in this moment that Gob realizes he has no friends and decides to look for a family member to hang out with.  He becomes so desperate that he asks Lucille to go out with him. She of course, becomes suspicious and tells Gene to find out what Gob is up to.

The gang finally arrives to Mexico and find the stair car which was being used by the Mexicans to cross the border similar to when the prisoners used the stair car to break out of jail. While looking for George, Michael is tackled by Ice upon Gob’s request. Michael instead asks Ice to search for George and gives him the blueprint of George which he thinks, is a deck. They decide to head back home which the narrator expresses as the four people in the group clearly making fun of the fact that no one besides George Michael ever remembers Ann.  This is incredibly true after Michael leaves with Maeby, George Michael leaves with Lindsay and Ice continues to follow therefore leaving Ann alone in Mexico. I really cannot understand how people can be so mean and forget a human being. Perhaps this is commentary again on the Iraq thing as America only cared about the war and really did not car about what happened to the Iraqi citizens who couldn’t help being stuck there while chaos was going on. On the drive home Michael expresses how he feels forgotten when he was actually the one doing the forgetting.

Everyone finally arrives home and George Michael asks Michael what he thought of Ann. It is here that everyone realizes they left Ann and rush back to get her. Meanwhile, Buster is busying enjoying “Mexican life” and decides to join Lupe’s family in going to work. Lindsay continues to observe Ice as she believes he likes her. Ice suddenly disappears only to tackle Tobias after believing that he was George because he was blue and bald. Ice realizes his mistake and leaves to find Michael.

Michael finally arrives in Mexico and mistakes a girl for Ann. Ann turns out to be right behind him and is the first time we hear her talk. Michael once again fails to remember her name and ends up calling her plant. This is kind of funny as it’s weird to see Mae Whitman (Ann) play this weird girl as I know her as the voice of Tinkerbell in the Tinkerbell movies, Scott Pilgrim’s ex-girlfriend in “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” which also starred Michael Cera (George Michael.)

Gob finally confronts Michael about trying to flee but Michael tells him that the only reason he did not invite him to Mexico was because of his offensive Chicken Dance which he proceeds to do and naturally, is attacked by the Mexicans. Gob then reveals that he was just looking for a friend. Michael feels sorry for him and tells him that if anyone needs a friend, it’s him. Gob, in one of his rare times of wisdom, tells him that perhaps he is not crazy about Ann because he is not crazy about the thought of George Michael growing up. Realizing that this is true, Michael pays Gob, Gene Parmesan, and Ice to look for George but uses this as an excuse when he is really buying him friends. Buster meanwhile, decides he likes living in “Mexico” and decides to never go back home. While working as a waiter he ends up in Lucille’s condo and finds her on top of Oscar which was exactly what he was running away from. Even after talking to Ann, Michael decides that he simply does not like her.

I really liked this episode because I feel like it was a “fun” approach on the Iraq war. But then again, it’s war and nothing fun can come out of that. Anyway, I’ve come to realize that perhaps the reason that I love this show so much is the fact that no matter how much madness is going on, at the end of the day, the Bluths are still family. I think in a way I’m kind of jealous but then again, I would not like my mom sending me off to war just to look good in the public eye.

Memorable Quotes:

Buster: “This is great, we’re like slave buddies!”


Lindsay: “Check out who’s on that hog in the rearview mirror!”

Michael: “George Michael!”


Michael:“George Michael, why don’t you and Plant go wait in the staircar”