Arrested Development: Season 2, Ep. 2-The One Where They Build A House

Rating: 3.4/5

For some reason, I simply could not get myself to continue watching this season. Why, you ask? Perhaps it is because Gob is still “president” of the Bluth company even though Michael is the one doing all the work. I don’t know, this just upsets me way too much that I can’t even concentrate. However, I decided to continue watching and sat myself down in my living room and continued to watch sibling rivalry at it’s finest (as if I didn’t get enough of this at home.)

Anyway, we begin this episode with Michael coming to a realization on how they can put the company back on the map. He decides to build a second model home and have a huge ribbon cutting ceremony to show how serious the company is about building houses. Michael however, chooses to tell this to Lindsay who is too busy freaking out over diamond cream. She of course, is obsessed with this as she is losing her confidence after not being able to obtain a date after agreeing on an open marriage. Meanwhile, George Michael is trying to get Michael interested in the fact that he has a girlfriend. Michael does not take this well as for some reason he does not like Ann and cannot remember her name. Personally, I think that this is because Michael refuses to accept the fact that George-Michael is growing up and would rather spend time with a girl than with him. Because of this feeling, Michael calls her egg and Gob later refers to Ann as a boy. I also noticed that when George Michael first started dating Ann, she was played by a different girl which is similar to the whole Marta thing in the previous season.

Anywho, Michael presents his idea to Gob at the office. It is here that the brothers play rock, paper, scissors to see who will announce the new plan to the board. Gob wins and announces the building of a new model home to the board with the help of a magic trick and a model named Starla. Once again, we see just how malleable and incompetent the staff really is after they are convinced that a home could be built in two weeks. Naturally, Michael knows it cannot be done and decides to round up Oscar, Buster and George Michael as his crew to build a house with nothing inside. Buster only agrees so that he can get hurt and get himself out of the army while George Michael works to earn money for diamond cream for Ann. This of course ends up backfiring as these people are clearly not skilled construction men.

The day of ribbon cutting ceremony, George Michael shows up with Ann and Lindsay shows up clearly upset after her homeless guy/actor “boyfriend” refuses to go with her. Gob brings Starla to the ribbon cutting and fights with Michael after the walls collapse therefore leading him to believe that he was set up to look bad in front of the press. Buster sees this as his chance to get hurt but ends up emotionally hurt after seeing Lucille and Oscar attempting to have sex inside the new model home.

It is here that Gob and Michael realize that the whole time it was George who was setting them up against each other in order to distract them from whatever wrong he was out doing. They then realize that they should be working together in finding George who is actually in Mexico with Kitty and has realized that running away with her was a terrible mistake.

Oddly enough, it is Tobias who ends up with the diamond cream after running out of blue cream to disguise himself in while following Lindsay around on her “dates”. I can’t help but think that they’ll never get dates because they’re both helpless in their own way but are clearly not meant to be together but who knows how long it will take for them to realize this.

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