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Shouting Fire: Part 3-Chase Harper

After watching this segment from Shouting Fire, I thought of many things. One of these things was that this segment was a tad out of place with the whole extreme situations theme going on but, whatever. What got to me the most was the fact that Chase Harper was seriously upset by this. Everyone knows that once you get to public school or any school for that matter, the rules are changed.

I’m not going to lie, I also would have been upset but then again, I would NEVER wear a shirt that says “Homosexuality is Shameful”. Chase clearly did not think about what the he was doing especially in the midst of an LGBT day of silence. He is entitled to his opinion but you don’t go around practically screaming such a hurtful thing. I feel that his shirt was definitely offensive and he should have removed the tape upon being asked, simple as that.

People might think that because he was expressing homophobic, he was penalized. However, those who express gay approval also face the same thing. For example, there was Cole Goforth who was sent home from school after wearing a shirt that read “I heart Lady Gay Gay”. If Chase claims his rights were violated, then so can he.  It is things like this that cause so much tension and bullying between kids.

Although I agree with Chase being asked to remove the tape, I completely disagree with what the principal said which was “If your faith is offensive, leave it in the car.” I feel this was perhaps a tad crossing the line and perhaps the way he stated it was wrong. It was the way Chase interpreted his religion that was offensive not the whole religion itself. I know if it were me, I’d remove it, why? Because it is a public school, parents and students become upset and sue. Again, I feel like this goes back to a separation between church and state. Chase was expressing his “ religion” or whatever he interpreted as religion and brought it into the school.  Clearly, religion and public school should not be brought together because that is when events such as this one start to emerge. Also, I can’t help but think that Chase is just homophobic and is using his religion as a sort of scapegoat just so he can shout the world how much he dislikes the LGBT community. I don’t know what religion he is following because it definitely is not Christianity or Catholicism. As a Catholic, I know we’re supposedly against gay marriage and lifestyle but then again isn’t this the religion that boasts “not harming your neighbor”, “treat other the way you want to be treated”. Perhaps Chase should read the whole Bible before deciding to wear another offensive shirt.