Arrested Development: Season 2, Ep. 1-The One Where Michael Leaves

Rating: 4/5

I pretty much hated this episode! I would have thought that a season opener should be good and get me hooked but sadly, this did not. Instead I was frustrated and hoped that Michael would just make up his mind about leaving but clearly he is not going to leave otherwise, the show would end. However, perhaps being straight forward about the move not happening would have been better as I would not have been upset throughout the whole episode.

This episode begins with Michael and George Michael leaving to Phoenix, Arizona just as they were going to in the Pilot. However, once again they are challenged by Lindsay and Gob who claim that Michael needs them more than they need them. This might be true as Gob is put in charge of the Company and wins over the staff by turning a $100 bill into 100 pennies. Clearly, these people need to be fired ASAP. Anyway, on their way to Arizona, Michael and George Michael are pulled over and told they have found George. They rush back only to find that they arrested Oscar. Larry informs them that they cannot leave because if George is not found, Michael will be taken into custody.

Back at the office, Gob has discovered a breifcase in the walls which contains a contract between George and Saddam which he claims “is in english and in squigglies”. Gob does not know what to do and decides to quit. He keeps trying to give the contract to Michael but is distracted by announcements that George has been caught which is once again Oscar. This happens  four or five times and each time it’s funny. However, the final time, Annyong exclaims that he can’t find his uncle Sam wig. It is here that Gob and Michael notice the briefcase is gone and that the man they arrested was actually George wearing a wig and looking like Oscar which is why he was let go. We see that George and Kitty running away from the country leaving the Bluths in even more s***.

After being annoyed for the first 10 minutes, the episode got better so I forgive the writers. I also love the whole Tobias joining the Blue Man Group. Like really, there are so many hints that Tobias is gay and it’s kind of crazy Lindsay has not left him. Like Lindsay can actually function but is too busy worrying over Tobias. I’m glad they both agreed to an open marriage as this is definately going to be interesting. Also, once again, I love Annyong’s growing role as he is like doing everything George Michael did to impress Maeby like volunteering to be in a play. Funny stuff!

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  1. Posted by melzwriter on November 18, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    Here you got back to analyzing again. Keep this up, and you’ll be okay. Good work!


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