Arrested Development: Season 1, Episode 22-Let them eat Cake

This episode revolves around the fact that the Bluths, as well as everybody is else, is suddenly on the Atkins diet and cannot eat carbs. This causes a decline in frozen  banana sales as no one wants to eat carbs. George Michael meets a girl named Ann at the banana stand where he explains that he will be on TV explaining whether bananas are a carb. Ann invites him to her house to watch it and surprisingly Maeby is jealous.

I must say I love that Maeby is jealous. It might be because she just does not like anyone but I really hope it’s because she like George Michael. I hope it’s the latter. Anyway, Michael recieves a call from Kitty once again asking for a reward in exchange for not revealing everything she knows. After watching an expose on TV, Michael realizes that minipalaces have been built abroad in Iraq and are exactly like the mini mansion complete with shoddy workmanship. Michael confronts Lucille if she knew anything about this and naturally, she claims to not know anything. George however, let’s it slip that she did know.

At their meeting, Kitty reveals that the information she knew was the minimansion thing and that the government did not know. Michael thought that this just meant that they had back taxes and decides to not give into Kitty’s demans which were to be president of Bluth Development Company. After this, Kitty calls Gob and plots that they join forces and take over the company as he is the oldest and has no say.

Finally being fed up with the lies in the family, Michael quits and leaves Gob in charge. With Michael gone, George ends up taking the lie detector test that Michael was supposed to and fakes a heart attack. The Bluths rush to the hospital where they all cry and claim they loved George. However, no one tells Michael and he ends up telling George Michael that they are moving. George Michael refuses to move as he loves the family no matter how messed up they are. It is here that the phone rings and they rush to the hospital. While waiting for the results, the family remebers all the “good times” they had and convices Michael to stay.

The doctor finally claims that they’ve lost George and the Bluth’s go crazy. They ask to see him only to discover that George escaped and faked the heart attack. Appaulled, Michael decides to leave for sure. The family once again does not notice and think that he went home.

I feel that for a season finale, this was pretty odd. Once again, I feel that I don’t remember the Atkins diet obsession so I don’t find the diet thing funny. However, I love how Annyoung has stepped out and now likes Maeby only to be rejected like George Michael. I also want to see what happens with Maeby and George Michael because I really hope he stays with Ann to spite Maeby. That would be amazing!

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