Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 21-Not Without My Daughter

I must say, I loved this episode.  Basically, this episode revolves around Bring Your Daughter to work day. Pretty much everybody brings their daughter which is funny because I never see that in real life. Anyway, Michael often took George Michael as he did not have a daughter but now that he was getting older, it was kind of weird that George Michael had not grown out of it. As he was leaving, Michael noticed that Maevy was just sitting around and claimed that she was going to work with Tobias who was at the moment, sitting around watching entertainment television and claimed that this was his job.

Michael decided to take Maeby to work, hoping that he becomes a role model for her. On the ride over to the office, Maeby jumps out of the car several times but Michael manages to catch her. Once at work, the police arrive to interrogate him over Kitty’s disappearance. It is here where Michael makes a bet with Maeby that she cannot tell a lie and he can’t lie either. This comes in handy as Michael is asked if he has seen Kitty and he did as the “Girls with Low Self Esteem video shows Kitty boarding the yacht.

Meanwhile, Gob, Tobias, and George Michael decide to express just how manly they are. Gob decides to show everyone that he is the only magician in the family after Lindsay claims she has been shoplifting when really, she got a job as a sales girl. Tobias gets a job as a security guard at the mall Lindsay works in and ends up busting Lindsay who yells she is a shoplifter after Gob and George Michael get caught shoplifting by a security guard’s daughter. Upon hearing this, Tobias, using his cat like ability, tackles Lindsay and the Bluths end up in jail.

Meanwhile, Michael is still in jail and is told by an officer that if he gives them evidence against George, they will forget about the fact that Kitty has disappeared. It is here that Maeby ends up lying and snoops around the station which is where she finds Kitty. Michael’s name ends up being cleared as he realizes that the cops were just using him to get him to spill the beans about George.

I feel like I shouldn’t write too much about this episode as most of the things that happened was showing how everyone brought their daughter to work which included a day laborer which again was kind of insulting but funny. I feel as if the writers just wanted to mock the ridiculous idea of bringing a child to work which is super cheesy. I did forget to mention that in this episode we see how Buster finally gains some confidence after speaking to Oscar who as I’ve read might be his father. The more I watch the more intrigued I am which of course, is the goal of every show.

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