Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 19-Best Man for the Gob

This episode revolves around the fact that Gob is still married to his wife (who I just realzied, is unnamed) and the fact that the company’s books are messed up and that the accountant, Ira Gilligan, is not willing to lie if he is asked to testify.

After seeing that his marriage has lasted more than two weeks, Michael offers to throw him a bachelor party only to reveal he wants to end it after George told him it’s a bad idea. Clearly, Michael had already said this but he did not listen to him. George however, changes his mind and decides to be Gob’s best man and throw him a bachelor party. However, this party is just a cover as Gob wants to use this opportunity as a way to trick Ira by getting him drunk and having him think he killed a stripper and fleeing the country.

Meanwhile, Buster is jealous that Annyong gets to have juice and play soccer as he was never allowed to. George however says that he never got to play sports because he was a turd on the field. Jealous, Buster decides to help Gob with his bachelor party/plan but is distracted when he finds juice at the party. While this is going on, Tobias enlists Michael to help him reunite “Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution” which was a folk band he had with Lindsay and Maeby.

The day of the party, Michael and George Michael show up even though they were not invited and end up exposing the whole plan to set up Ira. Furious, Ira states that he’s definately testifying. Tobias ends up performing alone after the family stormed out. However, Gob’s wife ends up joining him and realizes that she is in love with Tobias. Eventually, Ira does end up leaving and is seen on vacation with the stripper from the bachelor party.

I really did not like this episode. Although I did know the writers were referencing to Gilligan’s Island, I never watched the show so perhaps I don’t find it as funny as it was intended. Overall, I love that Annyong is getting more lines and that he hates Buster who he calls “Fatty”. It’s nice to see that he is turning out to be just like Lucille. Again, I really want to see what else Annyong can do.

Rating: 4/5

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