Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 18-Missing Kitty

This episode revolves around Kitty finally coming back after being absent over several episodes. Michael reveals that she was on sick leave as she had something wrong with her chest but had no problem cashing her checks.

Kitty returns with a new pair of breasts in anticipation of spring break as the previous spring break, she was not featured on “Girls with Low Self Esteem” because her breasts were too small. Michael, as well as I, find her boob job disturbing.

Kitty announces that she is going on vacation and that her break did not count as it was sick leave. Michael threatens that if she leaves, she’s fired which he indeed does.

Meanwhile, Lindsay and Maeby go off to Lucille’s house after having gone to look for Nana who would send them a check every month. Lucille claims Nana is on a cruise when she has actually been dead for 6 months. Lucille does not say this as she is afraid that her kids will hound her for inheritance money and she is too busy putting her things into Annyong’s pocket as she is now using him as a purse.

George Michael and Gob had been bonding as he has no school and Gob has no job. Both Bluth men are busy working on Gob’s comeback act after failing miserably on his appearance on YOM Channel (youth oriented music). George Michael is really fascinated by Gob but Michael asks him to stay away from him as he is a bad influence. Instead, Michael asks George Michael to fill in for Kitty at the Bluth Company.

George Bluth is shocked to hear George Michael after calling the company and hearing that Kitty was fired for her incompotence. George Michael yells at Michael for firing her as “you never fire crazy”. The elder Bluth knows that Kitty has too much information on the Bluths and could ruin them. Therefore, he orders Gob to make the yacht disappear as that is where some evidence is hidden.

Michael goes down to Senor Tadpoles where Kitty said she would have a margarita made in her mouth. After trying to give her her job back, Michael realizes she does not deserve the job and fires her again but threatens her after she threatens him with exposing the company. Everyone at the restaurant hears this and makes the evening news.

The next day, Gob is finally ready to fulfill his promise of making the yacht disappear. George Michael goes against Michael’s wishes and goes in search of Gob to help him with the illusion. Gob however, respects Michael’s wishes for once and tells him to leave. However, George Michael ends up sneaking onto the boat anyway. However, Kitty also sneaks onto the boat looking for the evidence. Gob does in fact succeed in making the yacht disappear. The family is shocked and asks how he did it. He reveals that he sank and blew up the yacht. Michael realizes that George Michael might have been on there but George Michael arrives and decides that Gob’s lifestyle is not one that he wants. However, it is revealed that Kitty was on the yacht and is seen floating in the water with her evidence.

Meanwhile, Lindsay reveals that Nana had passed away and questions Lucille on where it is. Lucille claims she has invested it and used it to get Annyong a trust fund and that no one can touch it until he’s 18. However, in the previews, Lupe finds a paper that states that Annyong is already 18.

I loved this episode because it’s just sad how desperate Kitty and Gob are for attention. Like they’re how old and still hanging around teenagers at spring break. Really?! However, it was entertaining to watch. Also, I love how the whole Bluth and Saddam Hussein mystery is unraveling like little clues like the “MADDAS” box which is saddam spelled backwards. I’m really looking forward to what’s going to happen with that.

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