The West Wing-Pilot

This show premiered in 1999 and I was 6 at that time. I feel I need to mention this as this is probably why I was not really excited to hear that we had to watch this while everyone was super excited. Therefore, seeing this, I felt like I was not at all interested. I feel like for some reason this episode just gives off a vibe where everything is fast paced and I have no clue what is going on but then again, this is probably what the White House is really like. I think perhaps because we were not formally introduced to each character like “Hi I’m ________, and I do _______” it threw me off but eventually we were told who was who but in a rather confusing and rushed way. However, I was very interested in the whole Joshua Lyman “scandal” as I feel we kind of just experienced this with the whole Michelle Obama shaking the president of Indonesia’s hand. Although her case wasn’t as severe as Joshua sort of putting down Mary’s religion, I feel like the whole press/damage control probably did happen. However, I feel like I would not at all fire Joshua Lyman as sure, he represents the White House (in a way) but as the minister said, what happened to free speech. Plus, if the whole free speech thing were the case, we could easily bring up the whole separation of church and state which the United States is supposed to uphold. Clearly, there are different sides to this case and if her audience or she was insulted by the comment, she should be angry and Lyman and not the White House as clearly, the government wouldn’t admit that they were “too busy being caught for tax evasion”. I feel like if a “scandal” like this were to happen now, it would have gone down exactly the same way. The press would have a field day but, Josh would not be fired even though the media would shred this guy as well as the government to pieces for “offending Christianity.” Overall, I felt whatever, clearly these people are extreme Christians and as  a Catholic, I don’t think this was too terrible. Like compared to today’s “shock jocks”, this was nothing.

Also, I feel the incorporation of Sam’s date being a call girl was silly but then again we all live looking for the next big scandal in politics. It was pretty cute though, like the idea of switching beepers. And BEEPERS?! Again, I feel because I was like 6 at the time I don’t really remember the whole beeper phenomenon but I do vaguely remember my parents having beepers but who would page them? Anyway, I agree, the President’s entrance was pretty darn amazing. I love the way he went from like this old guy just telling a story to like verbally abusing these people which is pretty darn amazing. I can’t help but get the urge to go to the White House and see if it’s really like this. Like is Obama really as cool as this guy? Also, I remember seeing the guy said the whole New York sense of humor refers to Judaism in the super cheesy Disney Channel movie “My Date With the President’s Daughter” so it was kind of funny to see him in the White House again. Oh and I absolutely loved the incorporation of the cheesy presidential music at the end like, how predictable is that?

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