Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 17-Justice is Blind

Rating: 4.5/5

This episode is the first in the series that I’ve considered as 2 part as this is a continuation of the whole Maggie Lizer ordeal. Perhaps the best line in this whole episode was a vet telling Michael that “Justice is Blind” which is true in so many ways. It is here that Michael realizes that Maggie is not blind at all. Knowing this, Michael no longer feels bad for what he is going to do. I should start from the beginning.

After recieving a folder containing a list of evidence from Maggie, Michael goes back to the minimansion and tells this to the other Bluths. Gob immediately decides to send someone to Maggie’s house to steal the evidence. However, he himself is not able to do this as he must perform his husbandly duties. Instead, Gob sends Tobias to break into Maggie’s house. Using his catlike abilities, Tobias breaks into Maggie’s house only to arrive just as Maggie is arriving. Maggie is of course angered by the fact that Tobias is in her house but cannot reveal herself as she is “blind”. Therefore, she decides to the next best thing which is follow Tobias around while swinging a bat around at random.

Meanwhile, Michael is the vet’s office as he was supposed to take Justice (Maggie’s seeing dog) back to her house but decided to see what it’s like to not be able to see. However, while doing this, Justice leads them onto the road where he is then hit by a car. It is at the vet’s where Michael is told that Justice is actually the one who’s blind and that Maggie has been leading him around. Angered by this, Michael decides to expose Maggie at the courthouse.

At court, Michael makes a whole speech about how Justice is blind and to prove his point, throws the bible at Maggie’s face hoping she would catch it. She of course, does not catch it as she was temporarily blinded by Tobias who sprayed her with perfume after almost being caught.

Maggie is taken off the case and apologizes for lying to Michael. She reveals that she made up this whole blind thing after discovering being handicapped could help her with her LSATs. Both she and Michael decide it would be best to not see each other anymore but end up sleeping together for one last time.

Overall, this made up for the kind of blandness of the last episode and for the absense of Tobias in other episodes. I have made it no secret that I find Tobias as my favorite character and absolutely loved his “cat like abilities”. However, I was sad to see that Maggie and Michael did not end up together as what difference did it make whether they stopped seeing each other. I mean, regardless, she was taken off the case. Hopefully, Michael finds someone soon because I’m getting pretty annoyed.

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