Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 15-Staff Infection

Rating: 4.5/5

I am now even more reassured of the fact that the Bluths are absolutely terrible people. First, Lucille refuses to give her housekeeper Lupe the day off for a family reunion which is crazy as her condo is spotless. Secondly, we see all the Bluth’s going crazy over not getting their paychecks even though they don’t work. Seriously!? This is exactly why the Bluth Company was doing so terribly.

Anywho, Michael decides to put everyone (except Lucille) to work. Buster begins to work at the office copy room but panics as the confinement reminds him of a sheep attack had suffered the year before. Lindsay is made weekend secretary but instead takes this opportunity to remodel the office. After his unsuccessful attempt at being copy maker, Michael decides Buster would be best suited for outdoor work.

When they arrive at the Bluth construction site, Buster is immediately put to work. It is here where Gob arrives on his stupid Segway asking to be paid. Instead, he too, is put to work. Naturally, I am enjoying the Bluth family’s horrific attempt at “working”. As Michael arrives back at the office he is greeted by the sight of his staff going out to lunch after Lindsay decides to take them out to lunch. Michael states that if this happens, they will lose the “sheep”. As always, Michael is right as the staff mistakes Lupe’s family reunion bus for a company bus and go off to Catalina Island.

Meanwhile, Lindsay convinces Michael to take the rest of the day off and spend time with George Michael. Similarly, Maeby convincesGeorge Michael to leave her and Annyong in charge of the banana stand and go spend time with Michael. Michael finds out that George Michael went off to the beach and decides to go find him. It is here where he discovers the solution to the construction zoning problem with the help of sand castles.

At the construction site, Gob messes up as he reveals that he and Buster got paychecks while the construction crew had not. Fed up with this injustice, Gob declares they put a freeze on the construction site. Buster however, argues that they should build just for fun which cause Gob to insult him. Buster finally cracks and decides to fight Gob. The crew tells them that on a construction site, there is only one way to decide who’s a chicken and that is by playing “Chicken” which is a face off  with the use of bulldozers.

Lindsay decides to fix the work stoppage by herself. While leaving the office, she sees Lupe and her family standing around waiting for the bus and sees this as an opportunity to fix this whole mess. Again, naturally, I am mildly insulted at the fact that the show decides to use Mexicans as construction workers, geez, what a stereotype!

While George Michael is at the office, he decides to call Michael who is busy making sand castles. He decides that perhaps Michael really doesn’t care about him. It is at this moment that he finds a folder Michael had in his desk drawer full of projects and work George Michael had made when he was younger and was therefore convinced that Michael really did love him. However, it is also at this moment that investigators come in and steal this “proof” folder from his hands.

Lindsay finally arrives at the construction site where she threatens to bring in Lupe’s family as laborers if they don’t get back to work. Michael also arrives but with the solution to the spacing problems and decides that everyone has been working too hard and that they should have a party. It is here that Lucille also arrives demanding that Lupe help her with her groceries which consist of liquor. They decide to use this and hold the party.

There were several moments which were funny but I especially loved the whole “staff are sheep” analogy as we see the staff being lost on a farm and following a sheep they find. Then, a sheep herder finds them and uses sheep dogs to herd them into a truck to take them back. Overall, I was quite  fond of this episode as it was like a breather episode. Like taking a break from the insanity that is the Bluth family.

Memorable Quotes:

Lucille:“Suddenly playing with yourself is a scholarly pursuit.”

Gob:”It’s a game of men”

Buster:”Well, it’s a game I’m ready for. Oh wait, my seat doesn’t have a cushion!”


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by melzwriter on November 18, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    So this post had some of your really good writing, but not quite enough analysis. Really, you have to remember not to summarize too much, because it takes away from the overall affect of your posts. You can write. You just need to make sure your writing what Professor Dunphy expects, and not just giving us a play by play of the episode.


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