Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 14-Shock and Aww

This episode revolves around the fact that Michael is finally (!) open to dating. However, he chooses to date George-Michael’s ethics teacher, Ms. Barely who of course, he has a crush on. However, what I loved more than this misunderstanding is the fact that Lucille’s new son finally arrives. Also, something kind of crazy was the fact that Jane Lynch was in this episode. I mean with the insane amount of attention and popularity “Glee” has, it’s refreshing to see her playing a different character. (In her case, her role is a spy for the SCC who is sent to investigate George but ends up falling in love with him.)

The story is that Lucille and George knew their family’s reputation was going down the tubes so, in order to appear “charitable”, the elder Bluth’s decided to adopt a young Korean boy. However, this was years before George was thrown in jail and now, Lucille must live with the fact that the adoption paperwork went through and that she is now the proud mother of a Korean boy she calls “Annyong” which means “hello” in Korean. The boy said this as literally hello but Lucille took it as this being his name. Buster takes Annyong to George-Michael and Maeby’s school to register him for classes. In the background, you can see a poster that says “Hold On Surely Funkё!” which foreshadows the next episode as “Surely” is Maeby’s “twin” sister with a terminal illness. I will discuss this in an upcoming blog post.

Anyway, in order to shock the family, Maeby takes Annyong to the school dance where Gob shows up looking for his 18 year old girlfriend Shannon who he cheated on. It is there that Michael decides to tell George Michael the truth about his dating Ms. Barely. When Michael confronts George Michael, Gob steps in and exclaims how he did sleep with the ethics teacher who was actually the civics teacher aka, the wrong lady. Ms. Barely ends up telling Michael off as she feels they have no future.

Throughout this whole episode, I couldn’t help but notice all of the irony going on. I couldn’t help but feel that Ms. Barely actually loved Saddam Hussein even though she stated she was anti war and violence. Also, when she said she doesn’t like kids but took up one of her students’ offer of a cupcake and dance, I felt like she really was interested in this student. Overall, I am once again left disappointed at the fact that Michael still does not end up finding a good woman to love. Also, I love the foreshadowing as I’m not going to lie, but I read on that George was also convicted of minor treason as he provided Saddam Hussein with mini mansions exactly like the one Michael is living in except I heard this doesn’t happen until season 2. So, I’ll just have to wait and see. Overall, I’m glad that I can answer yet another question from the blog list which is “What outside influences could have affected this show?” which is the whole Bluth Company helping Saddam Hussein ordeal which as we all know, Hussein was a huge deal in the early 2000s which is around the time this show was actually airing.

Rating: 4/5

Memorable Quotes:

Michael: “Buster, you’re a grown man, you should be living with your mother”

Lucille: “A little Korean boy is here, well at least I think it’s a him. You’ve gotta strip them down next to nothing to tell.”

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