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Arrested Development: Season 2, Ep. 2-The One Where They Build A House

Rating: 3.4/5

For some reason, I simply could not get myself to continue watching this season. Why, you ask? Perhaps it is because Gob is still “president” of the Bluth company even though Michael is the one doing all the work. I don’t know, this just upsets me way too much that I can’t even concentrate. However, I decided to continue watching and sat myself down in my living room and continued to watch sibling rivalry at it’s finest (as if I didn’t get enough of this at home.)

Anyway, we begin this episode with Michael coming to a realization on how they can put the company back on the map. He decides to build a second model home and have a huge ribbon cutting ceremony to show how serious the company is about building houses. Michael however, chooses to tell this to Lindsay who is too busy freaking out over diamond cream. She of course, is obsessed with this as she is losing her confidence after not being able to obtain a date after agreeing on an open marriage. Meanwhile, George Michael is trying to get Michael interested in the fact that he has a girlfriend. Michael does not take this well as for some reason he does not like Ann and cannot remember her name. Personally, I think that this is because Michael refuses to accept the fact that George-Michael is growing up and would rather spend time with a girl than with him. Because of this feeling, Michael calls her egg and Gob later refers to Ann as a boy. I also noticed that when George Michael first started dating Ann, she was played by a different girl which is similar to the whole Marta thing in the previous season.

Anywho, Michael presents his idea to Gob at the office. It is here that the brothers play rock, paper, scissors to see who will announce the new plan to the board. Gob wins and announces the building of a new model home to the board with the help of a magic trick and a model named Starla. Once again, we see just how malleable and incompetent the staff really is after they are convinced that a home could be built in two weeks. Naturally, Michael knows it cannot be done and decides to round up Oscar, Buster and George Michael as his crew to build a house with nothing inside. Buster only agrees so that he can get hurt and get himself out of the army while George Michael works to earn money for diamond cream for Ann. This of course ends up backfiring as these people are clearly not skilled construction men.

The day of ribbon cutting ceremony, George Michael shows up with Ann and Lindsay shows up clearly upset after her homeless guy/actor “boyfriend” refuses to go with her. Gob brings Starla to the ribbon cutting and fights with Michael after the walls collapse therefore leading him to believe that he was set up to look bad in front of the press. Buster sees this as his chance to get hurt but ends up emotionally hurt after seeing Lucille and Oscar attempting to have sex inside the new model home.

It is here that Gob and Michael realize that the whole time it was George who was setting them up against each other in order to distract them from whatever wrong he was out doing. They then realize that they should be working together in finding George who is actually in Mexico with Kitty and has realized that running away with her was a terrible mistake.

Oddly enough, it is Tobias who ends up with the diamond cream after running out of blue cream to disguise himself in while following Lindsay around on her “dates”. I can’t help but think that they’ll never get dates because they’re both helpless in their own way but are clearly not meant to be together but who knows how long it will take for them to realize this.

Shouting Fire: Part 3-Chase Harper

After watching this segment from Shouting Fire, I thought of many things. One of these things was that this segment was a tad out of place with the whole extreme situations theme going on but, whatever. What got to me the most was the fact that Chase Harper was seriously upset by this. Everyone knows that once you get to public school or any school for that matter, the rules are changed.

I’m not going to lie, I also would have been upset but then again, I would NEVER wear a shirt that says “Homosexuality is Shameful”. Chase clearly did not think about what the he was doing especially in the midst of an LGBT day of silence. He is entitled to his opinion but you don’t go around practically screaming such a hurtful thing. I feel that his shirt was definitely offensive and he should have removed the tape upon being asked, simple as that.

People might think that because he was expressing homophobic, he was penalized. However, those who express gay approval also face the same thing. For example, there was Cole Goforth who was sent home from school after wearing a shirt that read “I heart Lady Gay Gay”. If Chase claims his rights were violated, then so can he.  It is things like this that cause so much tension and bullying between kids.

Although I agree with Chase being asked to remove the tape, I completely disagree with what the principal said which was “If your faith is offensive, leave it in the car.” I feel this was perhaps a tad crossing the line and perhaps the way he stated it was wrong. It was the way Chase interpreted his religion that was offensive not the whole religion itself. I know if it were me, I’d remove it, why? Because it is a public school, parents and students become upset and sue. Again, I feel like this goes back to a separation between church and state. Chase was expressing his “ religion” or whatever he interpreted as religion and brought it into the school.  Clearly, religion and public school should not be brought together because that is when events such as this one start to emerge. Also, I can’t help but think that Chase is just homophobic and is using his religion as a sort of scapegoat just so he can shout the world how much he dislikes the LGBT community. I don’t know what religion he is following because it definitely is not Christianity or Catholicism. As a Catholic, I know we’re supposedly against gay marriage and lifestyle but then again isn’t this the religion that boasts “not harming your neighbor”, “treat other the way you want to be treated”. Perhaps Chase should read the whole Bible before deciding to wear another offensive shirt.


Arrested Development: Season 2, Ep. 1-The One Where Michael Leaves

Rating: 4/5

I pretty much hated this episode! I would have thought that a season opener should be good and get me hooked but sadly, this did not. Instead I was frustrated and hoped that Michael would just make up his mind about leaving but clearly he is not going to leave otherwise, the show would end. However, perhaps being straight forward about the move not happening would have been better as I would not have been upset throughout the whole episode.

This episode begins with Michael and George Michael leaving to Phoenix, Arizona just as they were going to in the Pilot. However, once again they are challenged by Lindsay and Gob who claim that Michael needs them more than they need them. This might be true as Gob is put in charge of the Company and wins over the staff by turning a $100 bill into 100 pennies. Clearly, these people need to be fired ASAP. Anyway, on their way to Arizona, Michael and George Michael are pulled over and told they have found George. They rush back only to find that they arrested Oscar. Larry informs them that they cannot leave because if George is not found, Michael will be taken into custody.

Back at the office, Gob has discovered a breifcase in the walls which contains a contract between George and Saddam which he claims “is in english and in squigglies”. Gob does not know what to do and decides to quit. He keeps trying to give the contract to Michael but is distracted by announcements that George has been caught which is once again Oscar. This happens  four or five times and each time it’s funny. However, the final time, Annyong exclaims that he can’t find his uncle Sam wig. It is here that Gob and Michael notice the briefcase is gone and that the man they arrested was actually George wearing a wig and looking like Oscar which is why he was let go. We see that George and Kitty running away from the country leaving the Bluths in even more s***.

After being annoyed for the first 10 minutes, the episode got better so I forgive the writers. I also love the whole Tobias joining the Blue Man Group. Like really, there are so many hints that Tobias is gay and it’s kind of crazy Lindsay has not left him. Like Lindsay can actually function but is too busy worrying over Tobias. I’m glad they both agreed to an open marriage as this is definately going to be interesting. Also, once again, I love Annyong’s growing role as he is like doing everything George Michael did to impress Maeby like volunteering to be in a play. Funny stuff!

Arrested Development: Season 1, Episode 22-Let them eat Cake

This episode revolves around the fact that the Bluths, as well as everybody is else, is suddenly on the Atkins diet and cannot eat carbs. This causes a decline in frozen  banana sales as no one wants to eat carbs. George Michael meets a girl named Ann at the banana stand where he explains that he will be on TV explaining whether bananas are a carb. Ann invites him to her house to watch it and surprisingly Maeby is jealous.

I must say I love that Maeby is jealous. It might be because she just does not like anyone but I really hope it’s because she like George Michael. I hope it’s the latter. Anyway, Michael recieves a call from Kitty once again asking for a reward in exchange for not revealing everything she knows. After watching an expose on TV, Michael realizes that minipalaces have been built abroad in Iraq and are exactly like the mini mansion complete with shoddy workmanship. Michael confronts Lucille if she knew anything about this and naturally, she claims to not know anything. George however, let’s it slip that she did know.

At their meeting, Kitty reveals that the information she knew was the minimansion thing and that the government did not know. Michael thought that this just meant that they had back taxes and decides to not give into Kitty’s demans which were to be president of Bluth Development Company. After this, Kitty calls Gob and plots that they join forces and take over the company as he is the oldest and has no say.

Finally being fed up with the lies in the family, Michael quits and leaves Gob in charge. With Michael gone, George ends up taking the lie detector test that Michael was supposed to and fakes a heart attack. The Bluths rush to the hospital where they all cry and claim they loved George. However, no one tells Michael and he ends up telling George Michael that they are moving. George Michael refuses to move as he loves the family no matter how messed up they are. It is here that the phone rings and they rush to the hospital. While waiting for the results, the family remebers all the “good times” they had and convices Michael to stay.

The doctor finally claims that they’ve lost George and the Bluth’s go crazy. They ask to see him only to discover that George escaped and faked the heart attack. Appaulled, Michael decides to leave for sure. The family once again does not notice and think that he went home.

I feel that for a season finale, this was pretty odd. Once again, I feel that I don’t remember the Atkins diet obsession so I don’t find the diet thing funny. However, I love how Annyoung has stepped out and now likes Maeby only to be rejected like George Michael. I also want to see what happens with Maeby and George Michael because I really hope he stays with Ann to spite Maeby. That would be amazing!

Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 21-Not Without My Daughter

I must say, I loved this episode.  Basically, this episode revolves around Bring Your Daughter to work day. Pretty much everybody brings their daughter which is funny because I never see that in real life. Anyway, Michael often took George Michael as he did not have a daughter but now that he was getting older, it was kind of weird that George Michael had not grown out of it. As he was leaving, Michael noticed that Maevy was just sitting around and claimed that she was going to work with Tobias who was at the moment, sitting around watching entertainment television and claimed that this was his job.

Michael decided to take Maeby to work, hoping that he becomes a role model for her. On the ride over to the office, Maeby jumps out of the car several times but Michael manages to catch her. Once at work, the police arrive to interrogate him over Kitty’s disappearance. It is here where Michael makes a bet with Maeby that she cannot tell a lie and he can’t lie either. This comes in handy as Michael is asked if he has seen Kitty and he did as the “Girls with Low Self Esteem video shows Kitty boarding the yacht.

Meanwhile, Gob, Tobias, and George Michael decide to express just how manly they are. Gob decides to show everyone that he is the only magician in the family after Lindsay claims she has been shoplifting when really, she got a job as a sales girl. Tobias gets a job as a security guard at the mall Lindsay works in and ends up busting Lindsay who yells she is a shoplifter after Gob and George Michael get caught shoplifting by a security guard’s daughter. Upon hearing this, Tobias, using his cat like ability, tackles Lindsay and the Bluths end up in jail.

Meanwhile, Michael is still in jail and is told by an officer that if he gives them evidence against George, they will forget about the fact that Kitty has disappeared. It is here that Maeby ends up lying and snoops around the station which is where she finds Kitty. Michael’s name ends up being cleared as he realizes that the cops were just using him to get him to spill the beans about George.

I feel like I shouldn’t write too much about this episode as most of the things that happened was showing how everyone brought their daughter to work which included a day laborer which again was kind of insulting but funny. I feel as if the writers just wanted to mock the ridiculous idea of bringing a child to work which is super cheesy. I did forget to mention that in this episode we see how Buster finally gains some confidence after speaking to Oscar who as I’ve read might be his father. The more I watch the more intrigued I am which of course, is the goal of every show.

Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 20-Whistler’s Mother

Rating: 3.9/5

Michael reveals that some company money has finally been unfrozen which causes all the Bluths to harrass him for money. Lindsay asks him for money to fix herself up to have an affair. Mchael of course refuses only to have Lucille also ask for money for Buster to have an operation.

Upset with his family’s abuse of money, Michael goes to work. He arrives at a staff meeting with whistles which he states should be used when you see something wrong. The staff of course, are childish and incompotent as well and play with the whistles which causes Michael to take them back again, playing the role of father/the only one with a brain.

Meanwhile, George Michael claims that he saw George walking around on the boardwalk which causes Maeby to mock him. Maeby later sees him as well and they freak out. However, it turns out that this is Oscar, George’s twin brother who is in town and also in need of money. Michael refuses to just hand out the money and instead decides to buy Oscar’s lemon grove which as it turns out, is actually worthless. Embarrassed by this, Michael begs Gob and Tobias to not tell George about this.

Once again, Lucille states that she must fix Michael’s mistake just as she had when she made his algebra teacher disappear. Lucille orders Oscar to take his land back and he does but only because he is in love with her. Oscar takes this as Lucille being interested in him and decides to pursue a relationship.

Lucille informs Michael that the situation is taken care of but must now confront Mr. Jordan who is on the board of investors but is a pain in the a**. Lucille tells Michael that won’t be necessary as she used the money to buy out his part of the shares. Thrilled Michael starts his meeting only to be greeted by the pleasant surprise that Lucille is now part of the board.

Everytime I watch this show, I cannot help but wonder if this is what companys really are like. I mean not the whole dysfunctional family but in general, corruption. But then again, I can’t help but think about the whoel financial meltdown situation and wonder what the writers of this would have thought about it. Like is it similar or not?

Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 19-Best Man for the Gob

This episode revolves around the fact that Gob is still married to his wife (who I just realzied, is unnamed) and the fact that the company’s books are messed up and that the accountant, Ira Gilligan, is not willing to lie if he is asked to testify.

After seeing that his marriage has lasted more than two weeks, Michael offers to throw him a bachelor party only to reveal he wants to end it after George told him it’s a bad idea. Clearly, Michael had already said this but he did not listen to him. George however, changes his mind and decides to be Gob’s best man and throw him a bachelor party. However, this party is just a cover as Gob wants to use this opportunity as a way to trick Ira by getting him drunk and having him think he killed a stripper and fleeing the country.

Meanwhile, Buster is jealous that Annyong gets to have juice and play soccer as he was never allowed to. George however says that he never got to play sports because he was a turd on the field. Jealous, Buster decides to help Gob with his bachelor party/plan but is distracted when he finds juice at the party. While this is going on, Tobias enlists Michael to help him reunite “Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution” which was a folk band he had with Lindsay and Maeby.

The day of the party, Michael and George Michael show up even though they were not invited and end up exposing the whole plan to set up Ira. Furious, Ira states that he’s definately testifying. Tobias ends up performing alone after the family stormed out. However, Gob’s wife ends up joining him and realizes that she is in love with Tobias. Eventually, Ira does end up leaving and is seen on vacation with the stripper from the bachelor party.

I really did not like this episode. Although I did know the writers were referencing to Gilligan’s Island, I never watched the show so perhaps I don’t find it as funny as it was intended. Overall, I love that Annyong is getting more lines and that he hates Buster who he calls “Fatty”. It’s nice to see that he is turning out to be just like Lucille. Again, I really want to see what else Annyong can do.

Rating: 4/5

Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 18-Missing Kitty

This episode revolves around Kitty finally coming back after being absent over several episodes. Michael reveals that she was on sick leave as she had something wrong with her chest but had no problem cashing her checks.

Kitty returns with a new pair of breasts in anticipation of spring break as the previous spring break, she was not featured on “Girls with Low Self Esteem” because her breasts were too small. Michael, as well as I, find her boob job disturbing.

Kitty announces that she is going on vacation and that her break did not count as it was sick leave. Michael threatens that if she leaves, she’s fired which he indeed does.

Meanwhile, Lindsay and Maeby go off to Lucille’s house after having gone to look for Nana who would send them a check every month. Lucille claims Nana is on a cruise when she has actually been dead for 6 months. Lucille does not say this as she is afraid that her kids will hound her for inheritance money and she is too busy putting her things into Annyong’s pocket as she is now using him as a purse.

George Michael and Gob had been bonding as he has no school and Gob has no job. Both Bluth men are busy working on Gob’s comeback act after failing miserably on his appearance on YOM Channel (youth oriented music). George Michael is really fascinated by Gob but Michael asks him to stay away from him as he is a bad influence. Instead, Michael asks George Michael to fill in for Kitty at the Bluth Company.

George Bluth is shocked to hear George Michael after calling the company and hearing that Kitty was fired for her incompotence. George Michael yells at Michael for firing her as “you never fire crazy”. The elder Bluth knows that Kitty has too much information on the Bluths and could ruin them. Therefore, he orders Gob to make the yacht disappear as that is where some evidence is hidden.

Michael goes down to Senor Tadpoles where Kitty said she would have a margarita made in her mouth. After trying to give her her job back, Michael realizes she does not deserve the job and fires her again but threatens her after she threatens him with exposing the company. Everyone at the restaurant hears this and makes the evening news.

The next day, Gob is finally ready to fulfill his promise of making the yacht disappear. George Michael goes against Michael’s wishes and goes in search of Gob to help him with the illusion. Gob however, respects Michael’s wishes for once and tells him to leave. However, George Michael ends up sneaking onto the boat anyway. However, Kitty also sneaks onto the boat looking for the evidence. Gob does in fact succeed in making the yacht disappear. The family is shocked and asks how he did it. He reveals that he sank and blew up the yacht. Michael realizes that George Michael might have been on there but George Michael arrives and decides that Gob’s lifestyle is not one that he wants. However, it is revealed that Kitty was on the yacht and is seen floating in the water with her evidence.

Meanwhile, Lindsay reveals that Nana had passed away and questions Lucille on where it is. Lucille claims she has invested it and used it to get Annyong a trust fund and that no one can touch it until he’s 18. However, in the previews, Lupe finds a paper that states that Annyong is already 18.

I loved this episode because it’s just sad how desperate Kitty and Gob are for attention. Like they’re how old and still hanging around teenagers at spring break. Really?! However, it was entertaining to watch. Also, I love how the whole Bluth and Saddam Hussein mystery is unraveling like little clues like the “MADDAS” box which is saddam spelled backwards. I’m really looking forward to what’s going to happen with that.

The West Wing-Pilot

This show premiered in 1999 and I was 6 at that time. I feel I need to mention this as this is probably why I was not really excited to hear that we had to watch this while everyone was super excited. Therefore, seeing this, I felt like I was not at all interested. I feel like for some reason this episode just gives off a vibe where everything is fast paced and I have no clue what is going on but then again, this is probably what the White House is really like. I think perhaps because we were not formally introduced to each character like “Hi I’m ________, and I do _______” it threw me off but eventually we were told who was who but in a rather confusing and rushed way. However, I was very interested in the whole Joshua Lyman “scandal” as I feel we kind of just experienced this with the whole Michelle Obama shaking the president of Indonesia’s hand. Although her case wasn’t as severe as Joshua sort of putting down Mary’s religion, I feel like the whole press/damage control probably did happen. However, I feel like I would not at all fire Joshua Lyman as sure, he represents the White House (in a way) but as the minister said, what happened to free speech. Plus, if the whole free speech thing were the case, we could easily bring up the whole separation of church and state which the United States is supposed to uphold. Clearly, there are different sides to this case and if her audience or she was insulted by the comment, she should be angry and Lyman and not the White House as clearly, the government wouldn’t admit that they were “too busy being caught for tax evasion”. I feel like if a “scandal” like this were to happen now, it would have gone down exactly the same way. The press would have a field day but, Josh would not be fired even though the media would shred this guy as well as the government to pieces for “offending Christianity.” Overall, I felt whatever, clearly these people are extreme Christians and as  a Catholic, I don’t think this was too terrible. Like compared to today’s “shock jocks”, this was nothing.

Also, I feel the incorporation of Sam’s date being a call girl was silly but then again we all live looking for the next big scandal in politics. It was pretty cute though, like the idea of switching beepers. And BEEPERS?! Again, I feel because I was like 6 at the time I don’t really remember the whole beeper phenomenon but I do vaguely remember my parents having beepers but who would page them? Anyway, I agree, the President’s entrance was pretty darn amazing. I love the way he went from like this old guy just telling a story to like verbally abusing these people which is pretty darn amazing. I can’t help but get the urge to go to the White House and see if it’s really like this. Like is Obama really as cool as this guy? Also, I remember seeing the guy said the whole New York sense of humor refers to Judaism in the super cheesy Disney Channel movie “My Date With the President’s Daughter” so it was kind of funny to see him in the White House again. Oh and I absolutely loved the incorporation of the cheesy presidential music at the end like, how predictable is that?

Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 17-Justice is Blind

Rating: 4.5/5

This episode is the first in the series that I’ve considered as 2 part as this is a continuation of the whole Maggie Lizer ordeal. Perhaps the best line in this whole episode was a vet telling Michael that “Justice is Blind” which is true in so many ways. It is here that Michael realizes that Maggie is not blind at all. Knowing this, Michael no longer feels bad for what he is going to do. I should start from the beginning.

After recieving a folder containing a list of evidence from Maggie, Michael goes back to the minimansion and tells this to the other Bluths. Gob immediately decides to send someone to Maggie’s house to steal the evidence. However, he himself is not able to do this as he must perform his husbandly duties. Instead, Gob sends Tobias to break into Maggie’s house. Using his catlike abilities, Tobias breaks into Maggie’s house only to arrive just as Maggie is arriving. Maggie is of course angered by the fact that Tobias is in her house but cannot reveal herself as she is “blind”. Therefore, she decides to the next best thing which is follow Tobias around while swinging a bat around at random.

Meanwhile, Michael is the vet’s office as he was supposed to take Justice (Maggie’s seeing dog) back to her house but decided to see what it’s like to not be able to see. However, while doing this, Justice leads them onto the road where he is then hit by a car. It is at the vet’s where Michael is told that Justice is actually the one who’s blind and that Maggie has been leading him around. Angered by this, Michael decides to expose Maggie at the courthouse.

At court, Michael makes a whole speech about how Justice is blind and to prove his point, throws the bible at Maggie’s face hoping she would catch it. She of course, does not catch it as she was temporarily blinded by Tobias who sprayed her with perfume after almost being caught.

Maggie is taken off the case and apologizes for lying to Michael. She reveals that she made up this whole blind thing after discovering being handicapped could help her with her LSATs. Both she and Michael decide it would be best to not see each other anymore but end up sleeping together for one last time.

Overall, this made up for the kind of blandness of the last episode and for the absense of Tobias in other episodes. I have made it no secret that I find Tobias as my favorite character and absolutely loved his “cat like abilities”. However, I was sad to see that Maggie and Michael did not end up together as what difference did it make whether they stopped seeing each other. I mean, regardless, she was taken off the case. Hopefully, Michael finds someone soon because I’m getting pretty annoyed.