Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 13-Beef Consomme

Rating 4.5/5

                Finally! The moment I had been waiting for has finally arrived! Michael and Marta finally tell each other how they feel. However, like always, their high family values prevent them from showing each other how they really feel. They realize that in order to go forward with this relationship, they must first tell Gob what has been going on.

                While these two people are falling in love, Tobias and Lindsay are falling out of love. They continue arguing and masking their feelings in front of Maeby even though it is pretty obvious that their relationship is going nowhere. Meanwhile, George Michael continues to getting to the bottom of whether or not Maeby is related to him. However, Tobias is distracted by the fact that his new gig calls for a shower seen which of course, is a big problem for a never nude.

                Buster asks Gob straight up if he’s done with Marta so that he can pursue a relationship with her. This is pretty hilarious as all three Bluth brothers are after the same woman which leads me to believe, that this will not work out for any of them.  While talking to Gob, Buster tells him that hermano means brother which have got Gob’s gears turning. He rushes to the soap opera set to confront Marta about her relationship with hermano. Michael finds out about this and races over to stop him while Buster gets ready for the family courthouse appearance the next day.

                Meanwhile George Michael goes to Lucille so that he can tell her how Maeby got to existing. Lucille reveals that she was “made in a cup, like soup, a $130,000 cup of soup.” She also says that Maeby spent her inheritance on getting here so she shouldn’t look forward to that. George Michael is thrilled about this new information.  While confronting “hermano”, Gob gets beat up by the guy he believes is sleeping with Marta and ends up in 2/3 of a hospital room (the set that is used for hospital scenes.) It is here that Michael reveals that the hermano Marta likes has been him all along. Gob states that he would not have minded this as he is an amazing guy and suggests that he “goes for it.”

                Michael arrives at Marta’s house and proceed to kiss while Buster looks on, heartbroken, in the background. Just as they’re about to do it, Michael receives a call from Lucille. Everyone had forgotten about George’s hearing leaving Lucille alone with Gob at the courthouse. Meanwhile Lindsay and Tobias help each other in getting past Tobias issue of not being able to nude.

                While at the hearing, Buster tells Gob that he saw Michael and Marta kissing. Gob did not believe that he would really go ahead with this relationship. Michael shows up late to the hearing and Gob confronts him. However, since this show is filmed like a documentary/reality show, the camera is not allowed inside the courtroom which defeats the purpose as they already had a scene inside the courtroom. Their fight took them all the way outside the court and Buster joined in just so he could fulfill his dream of being punched in the face. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Tobias were still undressing as a way to help him overcome his fear of nudity and for the first time in several years, had sex.

                Back at the park where the fight was still going on, Marta arrived only to break off all ties with the Bluth’s after seeing they clearly did not care about family. They both realize this is not the way brothers should act and decide to stop fighting.  Buster however, is still unhappy about not being punched in the face and when Michael almost does, he quickly crawls up into a ball.

                Even though I was thrilled that Michael and Marta were finally together, my dreams were crushed due to Michael and Gob’s immaturity. However, I am glad that Tobias got over being a never nude and based on the previous, he is now liberated and comfortable being nude all the time even in front of the family.  I am also confused over the episode name as usually they tie into the episode but a title like “Beef Consomme” doesn’t make sense since consumme is like a broth soup thing unless it is referring to the soup analogy.


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