Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 12-Marta Complex

Rating: 4/5

                This episode begins with an anniversary party for Lindsay and Tobias which was thrown by Lucille after being tricked by Michael. Marta shows up at this party with Gob and asks Michael if he’s seeing anyone because she feels he should have someone special in his life. Lindsay sees them talking and later asks if he’s fine with Gob and Marta still being together. Michael claims that he is over her and should move on. Meanwhile, Tobias continues to hang around with deadbeat actor Carl Weathers still believing he has a shot at acting. Tobias realizes this and thinks it’s time to get his money back.

                Lucille uses Carl to separate Lucille 2 and Buster by making them go one a dinner date on the night Buster has classes. Bust is obviously upset by this. Later on in the evening, the family gathers around to watch a tape George sent to Lindsay and Tobias from prison. The family believed this was a legit anniversary toast but it was actually an infomercial advertising George’s course of Judaism for only $49.99. While Michael gives a toast, Marta realizes that he is actually the one she’s been looking for.

                The day after the speech, Lindsay informs Michael that he inspired her to get the guts to file for divorce. He suggests that they separate for a while which means Lindsay and Maeby sharing a room and George Michael sharing a room with Tobias. George Michael is upset by this as he thinks this means that they found out that he likes Maeby.  Gob then tells him that after the speech he realized that Marta has been cheating on him and they decide to follow her and find out who she’s been cheating with.

                Marta and Buster arrive at the model home which is where Buster realizes that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Marta however, is there to talk to Michael and ask him out to dinner where she will most likely reveal that she is in love with him. While unpacking, Tobias reveals to George Michael that he and Lindsay had problems conceiving but is interrupted by a phone call therefore leaving George Michael with the thought that Maeby may actually be adopted.

                On the night of the dinner, Michael tells Marta to just go ahead and admit what is going on. She is confused as she doesn’t know that Michael believes she is seeing someone else. Michael asks her son to show her who “Hermano” is which is actually the Spanish word for brother. Michael ruins the whole surprise and leads Marta to believe their relationship can never work. It is then that he discovers that gift he saw her buying was actually for him, a tux which he had said he does not have. Michael realizes his mistake and of course feels like an idiot.

                I was upset over this episode as I had been waiting forever for Marta to realize that she belonged with Michael. I seriously hope that they end up together. Also, I’m upset that Lindsay would even consider leaving Tobias as he is pretty much my favorite character in this series. Overall, this episode left me feeling pessimistic about what will happen next.


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