Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 11-Public Relations

Rating 3/5      

          We begin with Michael taking George Michael on an interview for the Milford School, a very prestigious school. However, they are turned down as the head of the school states that he wishes to distance themselves away from the Bluth name after an article was post in the paper over trouble Lucille had at a restaurant. The problem was that Lucille and Lindsay caused a scene after getting drunk at a Klimpy’s Diner and breaking plates. They were both upset that they had been reduced to poverty after being turned away from an upscale restaurant. Obviously upset that their family’s reputation can hurt George Michael’s chances of success, he decides to hire a publicist whom he had been flirting with at the gym.

                The publicist, Jessie, suggests that everyone get a job which of course is considered preposterous by the family. She suggests they play up George’s devotion to Judaism and make Michael the new face of the family as he is smart, straight and attractive and the only likeable one in the family. Jessie suggests that Gob do charity magic shows, that Lindsay get a job advertising vodka, and that Tobias get over his acting phase and get back his medical license. Lucille is told that she is cold and no one likes her and that Buster should stay out of the spotlight as he is odd. He states that he shall be neither seen nor heard just as he was taught at Milford.

                On his way to the airport to get back his medical license, Tobias runs into Carl Weathers who agrees to teach him acting for $1100. Meanwhile, Michael and Jessie go on a date in order to be seen all over town. When he tells George Michael that Jessie is brilliant as she is making the family seem functional which increases his chances to get into Milford, George Michael is saddened by this. Not because of his father’s hinting at a relationship with Jessie but at the possibility that he will not be going to school with Maeby. Michael takes this seriously and feels guilty for liking Jessie. When he tells Jessie that they should keep their relationship professional, Jessie is upset as she was wasting her time and quits.

                Gob however, asks Michael to do whatever to get her back after he loses Earl Milford (the founder of the Milford School) in the Aztec tomb which of course is bad publicity and lowers George Michael’s chance of getting into Milford. The press gets a hold of the story and claims he killed Earl Milford. He later finds Milford inside his prop trunk as he hid in order to escape the retirement home. Milford begs him not to take him back and to help everyone else get out of the place where they are abused. Pleased with the thought of being a hero, Gob agrees to help.

                Meanwhile Jessie visits George Michael to make him feel guilty of not letting his father be happy. She decides to run a trashing piece on the Bluth’s which causes Lucille to interfere. After admitting that she told George Michael to step out of the way, Jessie gets into a fight with Lindsay and Lucille. The press has a field day on this melee and names them the family everyone loves to hate.

                George Michael informs Michael that he has no problem with him seeing other women as he finds it sad that he’s only been with four women his whole life. I’m glad this worked out as I’m pretty sure George Michael is not one to say that he disapproves of what his father does. Honestly, I could have done without this episode as an attempt to fix their image ended up hurting the Bluth family. Also, Jessie looked like a mean person to start with so thank goodness Lindsay beat her up.

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  1. Posted by melzwriter on October 24, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    This post had good summary and also showed that not all great shows have to have all awesome episodes. There will always be a few that are just good. It’s all part of a process. You really have been doing a great job though. So, keep it up!


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