Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep.10-Pier Pressure

Rating: 5/5

         We once again begin with Michael Bluth, this time at home, just chilling. George Michael tells him that he got an A- on his test which only deserves to be hung on the bar while Maeby gets a C- leaving Lindsay thrilled and posts it on the refrigerator. Michael suggests that she discipline Maebe and not reward her for minimal effort in hopes that she doesn’t get into trouble. Lindsay of course if upset and claims that she is now like George who would teach the Bluth children a lesson through basically making them believe something terrible, such as an accident, happened because they did not do something right.

 However, Michael claims that these scare tactics worked as to this day, the Bluth’s use a note system to inform everyone when something runs out.  Gob, as always, barges into the house asking Michael for money after HotCops, a stripping agency he used to work for, asks him to return money after not performing a gig (because he was almost shot at.)

Of course, Michael agrees but only if he’ll do him a favor in the future.

                Michael arrives at Lucille’s house and is welcomed by the phrase, “I need a favor.” The favor is for Michael to help her edit receipts to say that she has not bought anything with company money after the SEC investigates her belongings. She changes her mind and asks Lindsay instead. When she arrives at the model home, she is surprised to find that Lindsay refuses to help. Meanwhile, Maeby arrives with a D- on her test which is when Lindsay realizes she must be disciplined but does not follow through with this as she cannot think of a punishment. However, she brilliantly suggests that as punishment, Maeby must spend the day helping Lucille. Michael later sees George Michael insulting himself after he cannot solve a math problem which shows him that perhaps he is pushing his son a bit too far.

                Meanwhile, Buster is still comforting Lucille 2 who’s vertigo has been taking a toll on her as she has stopped taking her medication. Buster then remembers a study he was involved in which researched the effects of medical marijuana on nausea.

Therefore, he visits the “toughest street wise kid he knew” which was George Michael in hopes of getting some weed for Lucille 2. George Michael of course, has no idea where to find marijuana even though Buster remembered that the banana stand was pot central in the 70’s and even inspired a song called “Big Yellow Joint.” George Michael suggests that he ask Gob but is terrified of him after his constant being bullied by him. Michael arrives at the banana stand as sees that George Michael is working and orders him to close the shop and take the day off and go crazy. Both Michael and Buster give him money to “buy stuff you don’t need.”

                Maeby and Lucille work on hiding her collection of jewelry (gathered from gifts George had given her after every time her cheated) and decide that spending time together is no form of punishment. Lucille then remembers that she has a brooch Lindsay had desperately wanted and decides to give the brooch to Maeby in order to spite Lindsay. Meanwhile, George Michael arrives on the Bluth yacht where Gob had been staying and after not finding him, leaves a note asking to get him some pot.

Gob immediately shows Michael the note stating that it is his and saying that he left him $200 then $100 as he already spent $100. Gob tries to give him the weed and claims that this counts as the favor he had promised earlier. Michael cannot believe this and refuses to take the weed. However, he decides that perhaps it is true that George Michael has been smoking weed as his eyes have been red and his grades are dropping (talking about the A-.) After asking George Michael he did with the money, Michael realizes that he’s been lying. When Michael returns to tell Gob this, he finds Gob already smoking that weed.

Michael asks if he should yell at him but Gob informs him that George taught them not to yell (through one of his classic parenting methods aka scaring them.)

                Michael decides to get help from George and asks to borrow Jay aka the guy with the one arm who was always teaching lessons through scaring them. George says that he died after Michael left the air conditioning on with the door open (which is just another lesson.) George refuses to help as he is now a holy man. Meanwhile, Lindsay arrives to pick up Maeby and finds that they are actually having fun. She decides to leave Maeby and after she suggests that they go get ice cream, Lucille calls Maeby fat which obviously shows her how mean Lucille really is.

Maeby then leaves Lucille’s house which doesn’t bother her.

                Since George won’t help Michael, Michael asks Gob to gather his HotCop friends so that they can stage a fake drug bust and scare George Michael straight. Buster gets impatient waiting for the weed and decides to go with George Michael to pick up the weed from Gob not knowing what was in store for them. George Michael and Buster arrive only to be “busted” by flamboyant dancers dressed as cops.

Buster admits the pot was for Lucille 2 and drives George Michael home. However, their little stunt attracts real drug dealers who deliver their stuff after seeing the signal. Michael explains there has been a misunderstanding. Real policemen show up and start firing at the dealers while Michael and Gob hide. A real arm is blown off therefore, scarring Michael even more.

 Michael realizes that the arm was Jay’s arm and that George had set this whole thing up. Jay explains that this is why you don’t teach your son a lesson.  George explains that George Michael is a good kid and did not need to be taught a lesson and that this was his final lesson.

                Meanwhile, Maeby arrives home and gives the brooch to Lindsay after feeling sorry that she had to put up with Lucille her whole life. Upstairs, Michael asks if George Michael knew about this whole thing and says yes as one of the Hot Cops was his choir teacher. Michael lets George Michael know that he can tell him anything which then causes George Michael to reveal that he has a crush on Maeby but, Michael thinks that he is kidding and teaching him a lesson.

                This episode was literally the best of the season (so far.) I absolutely love flashback moments and was thrilled to see so many in this episode. I loved George’s way of teaching lessons because I can’t comprehend how the Bluth’s hadn’t realized that a man can only lose his arm so many times. Also, I’m glad to see that Maeby realized that Lucille was a bitch because I already did not like Maeby and would have disliked her even more if she hung around Lucille.


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