Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 9-Storming the Castle


I am particularly satisfied with this episode as we FINALLY saw that Michael has a bad side to him. After several episodes of feeling sorry for him after he is taken advantage of by his family, it is refreshing to see that he too is fed up with being a pushover and never getting to do anything for himself. This is especially true in his love life as we all know that Gob is pretty much a bum and that he definitely does not deserve a woman like Marta.

                This whole ordeal begins with Marta rushing to the Bluth model home in search of Gob. She wants to apologize for criticizing his magic even though Gob showed poor judgment in performing an intense “illusion” for Marta’s children.

Michael of course is simply awestruck by her and is ultimately saddened by her decision to always stick by Gob. Lindsay suggests that he steal her from Gob but then takes this back as he can’t even get himself to “borrow” a leather reclining seat from the office.

                Meanwhile, Maeby continues her attempts at rebellion by taking George Michael with her to buy a leather outfit after hearing her mother’s disapproval of leather. Tobias sees this as an opportunity to bond with his daughter and after selling his wedding ring, buys himself a leather outfit to match with his daughter. George Michael is also sucked into this leather scheme as he buys himself a leather jacket in order to impress Maeby which I really wish he would stop doing.

                After Gob reveals that he has been cheating on Marta with the woman providing the legs in his magic act, Michael decides that it is time to buckle down and teach him a lesson. In order to convince himself that he can do bad, Michael steals the office chair he had been saying he’d steal.

Lindsay helps him cook up a plan to expose Gob to Marta. The plan consists of Michael getting Gob a gig with the Alliance of Magicians and convincing him that if he performs well, he’ll be allowed back into the alliance. Then, Michael will convince Marta to volunteer as the top half of Gob’s sawing someone in half trick so that the legs half (aka Gob’s other lady friend) will tell her what’s been going down.

                The night of the show both Tobias and the legs fail to show up as Tobias, dressed in his leather outfit, showed up at the Gothic A**hole not the Gothic Castle while the legs just did not come through. Michael, with some help from George Michael, realizes that no matter how hard he tries, he cannot change his kind nature. Therefore, he asks George Michael to fill in as the legs as, just as Maeby had stated, has the legs of a woman. However, Michael’s attempt at changing himself did not completely go to waste as he decided to steal a TV from the office but unlike the chair, did not make it through being dragged by a bicycle.         

                I just realized I neglected to mention George’s newfound belief of Judaism. After being put in solitary confinement after trying to run away during the pageant, George is going crazy but is calmed down when he looks up and sees the Star of David shining on the cell wall. He then fastens a yarmulke out of the tip of his shoe, which although funny,  leads me believe that he is not taking his devotion to Judaism so seriously.

 Just for that one image, I would rate this episode as a 4 (only because I don’t care much for Gob and this episode was pretty much all about him and Michael.)


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