Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep.8-My Mother, the car


         We begin this episode with Michael visiting Lucille not for fun but to once again remind her to put a stop to her extravagant spending after finding out that she has recently hired a crew for the Bluth yacht Michael is trying to sell. However, she states that this is absolutely necessary as she need to throw the most amazing party the community has ever seen and most importantly top Lucille Ostero’s consistently fabulous parties for herself. Buster hears this and tells Lucille that he cannot attend her party as he is trying to avoid Lucille Ostero.

                Michael returns home only to find Gob complaining about his selling of the yacht as he lives there. Michael suggests that he break up with Marta so that he can make a move on her as he has been obsessing over her and stalking her but this has been increasingly difficult as the Bluth stair car is pretty obvious. Lindsay walks in suggesting that the family throw Lucille a surprise party. She tells Michael that she will visit George in jail if he agrees to drive Lucille to the restaurant where the party is to be thrown as she is the world’s worst driver. This is revealed by the narrator as not being an exaggeration as she was recently featured of Fox’s show, World’s Worst Drivers.

                The night of the party finally arrived and both Lucille and Michael were shocked to find that no one showed up to the party. Devastated, Lucille admitted to Michael that she was a horrible mother which sparked pity in him. Therefore, Michael decided to throw Lucille another party, one which she had no idea about. Buster finally decides that it is time to end his relationship with Lucille 2 only to realize that he truly does care about her.

 The night of the new party arrived and once again, no one showed up. In order to make it up to her, Michael decides to let Lucille drive. While driving, they see an “idiot on a scooter at night” and believe that he is Gob which causes Lucille to give him a scare aka hit him with the car. However, Michael realizes that it is not Gob and takes the wheel and leaves them in an accident. After seeing him take this risk, Lucille is filled with a newfound caring emotion and babies Michael who now suffers from short term memory loss. Michael attempts to recall what exactly happened that night only to be tricked by Lucille into thinking that he was the one who wanted to scare Gob in order to get to Marta.

                Meanwhile, Lindsay has been visiting George in revealing outfits in order to be harassed by the inmates. George begs her to stop visiting as he paid them to not scream obscenities at her in gold coins Lucille had snuck in. This satisfies Lindsay as she believed that she had lost her sex appeal.

                Gob, on his way to South America, realizes that Michael has been set up by Lucille and rushes to the condo to tell him this. Michael does not believe that he was not trying to hurt Gob but realizes that he and Gob kind of like each other and that he was not driving which meant that Lucille deliberately dragged him to the driver’s seat in order to look guilty.  Lindsay also arrives at the condo to reveal that Lucille has hidden the gold coins inside the energy bar wrappers which is why her grocery bags were so heavy. When they confront Lucille about what she had done she explains that this was her one chance to have Michael on her side and get at least one of her children to like her. Lucille once again admits that she has been a horrible mother causing a feeling of pity among Lindsay, Gob and Michael.

                I am once again saddened by the absence of Tobias in this episode but it’s okay, I’ll get over it. I feel like this whole episode was like one of those cheesy mystery shows like murder mystery parties as the background music sure made it feel like this. I love the fact that a scene was written in involving George Michael and Maeby being caught at an r-rated movie and asking Gob to make fake IDs for them. The funny thing is that these IDs are for them to get into a French movie called “The Dangerous Cousins” which is about a forbidden love between two cousins. I also found it hilarious that both times, no one attended Lucille’s party as this was what she honestly deserved. Also, Lindsay wearing a shirt that said SLUT across the chest area was a funny attempt at gaining the interest of the jail people.

                The whole time that George was in jail, it seemed that he was getting along well with his fellow inmates but Lucille sneaking him gold coins revealed otherwise which I felt was interesting. George said that he would pay off his inmates so that they don’t beat him up, stab him, or worse which is obviously referring to being raped in prison which is pretty sad.

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