Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep.7-In God We Trust

Rating: 5/5            

            In this episode, we finally meet George’s lawyer who is supposed to help him get out of prison but in reality has done nothing but get distracted by little things (i.e.-flirting with Lucille, talking on the phone.) It is kind of strange to see that Lindsay and Michael have been getting along well as most siblings should. Lucille is upset by this as she feels that this will cause the family to turn against her as Michael and Lindsay are pretty much the only people in the family with an actual functioning brain.

                Upon announcing that the court has decided to allow George out of jail for $20,000 (for an afternoon), Lucille and Buster begin to praise him for his fabulous work. This temporary releasing would be on the afternoon of the Living Classics pageant which the Bluth family sponsors as well as participates in.  (The Living Classics pageant is a show in which wealthy members of the community are given the opportunity to dress up as classic works of art.)


As the Bluth’s argue over who will play Adam, with mainly Tobias and Buster fighting over wanting and not wanting the role, their so-called lawyer takes this opportunity to steal food from the family. The real reason as to why Buster does not wish to be in the pageant this year is because it would interrupt his secret relationship with Lucille Ostero aka Lucille Bluth’s best friend and social rival. However, he only sees her in her apartment as he does not want anyone to realize that they are dating.

Back at the condo, Michael reveals that he is not willing to pay $20,000 to get George out for one afternoon and announces what is pretty obvious, that their lawyer is a complete idiot. Michael then suggests hiring a new lawyer, Wayne Jarvis who had recently won a discrimination lawsuit against their current lawyer, Barry Zuckerkorn. Lindsay takes this meeting as an opportunity to borrow money from Lucille however, she refuses to give it to her after suggesting that she borrow it from Michael but doubts he’ll lend her money claiming that he called Lindsay a “stay in bed” mom. In reality, Lucille is trying to turn Lindsay against Michael after feeling threatened by their new found friendship. Lucile uses this as her opportunity to call Lindsay lazy by pinning these statements as Michael’s own words.

One thing I noticed was that in this episode is that the actress playing Marta was changed from Leonor Varela to Patricia Velasquez. No real reason was given so I’ll have to live wondering why they had a change in actress. In an effort to impress Marta, Michael has been trying to learn Spanish however, the only tapes he had to teach him was a “Spanish for Businessmen” tape. While driving, Michael sees a sign for advertising Barry’s work and as a sort of pun, uses the website as his domain which sounds close to very good which he in fact isn’t.

Meanwhile, Buster was trying to convince George Michael to play the role of Adam in the Living Classics pageant but is very iffy about it. Maeby sees George Michael wearing the Adam muscle suit and sarcastically states that he has a “rockin’ bod.”

After hearing this, George Michael happily accepts the role in order to impress Maeby.  Lindsay confronts Michael after he wakes her up from her 2 hour angry nap and doesn’t realize that Maeby has been making it obvious that she is running away in order to prove the fact that her parents are self absorbed.

Lindsay ,obviously upset, asks Michael why he would say such mean things and Michael points out that the “stay in bed mom” phrase does not even sound like him and points out that this is all part of Lucille’s plan which Lindsay also realizes.

Lindsay and Michael begin drinking together and vent out their problems when Lindsay reveals that her marriage to Tobias is not working and that he is actually a never nude which is a rare psychological condition of never being able to be completely nude. This explains why Tobias seems to always wear cut off shorts as well as swim trunks in the shower.

After getting really drunk, Michael also reveals to Lindsay that he loves Marta. It seems that Lucille’s advice to Lindsay about getting Michael drunk to lend her money worked as Michael decided to move some money around and help her get out of debt.

After Tobias confronts George Michael about stealing the role of Adam from him, George Michael happily offers him the role but states that he cannot take off the suit for reasons that Tobias will never understand. Tobias sees this as George Michael revealing that he also suffers from never nude and also reveals how he suffers from never nude syndrome.

Michael has finally set up a meeting with Wayne Jarvis and calls Lucille into his office to also meet with him. However, when Michael reveals that he used the money that was supposed to go to freeing George for an afternoon and gave it to Lindsay instead, Lucille takes this opportunity to turn Michael against her and making it seem as if getting Michael drunk was a set up. However, Lindsay and Michael realize that once again they were fooled into turning against each other by Lucille. Therefore, Lindsay and Michael decided to use the debt money to get George out of jail for 24 hours which was long enough for him to see that Lucille was going to the pageant with Barry and spark some jealousy. This plan backfired though as the lawyer Lucille was seeing was actually Wayne Jarvis.

The time for the pageant to start had finally arrived and George Michael played Adam but upon seeing the rest of the Adam outfit (a tiny penis), decided to wear Tobias’ cutoffs which sparked outrage among the pageant attendees. Tobias of course stood up for George Michael as he continued to believe that he was also a never nude. While the crowd was distracted, George decides to use this time to run away from the pageant as well as jail.

George is eventually caught and returned to jail where the family gathers for Christmas. It is here that Maeby and Lucille decide to spend more time together to drive the family crazy. After not exposing Lucile and wasting the $20,000, the Bluths are stuck with Larry Zuckerkorn as their incompetent lawyer.

I thought this episode was great especially with the return of Tobias whom I had missed. I feel the never nude syndrome was unexpected but kind of expected as I had read somewhere that fans of the show loved it so much because of the never nude condition.  Also, I was thrilled that Lindsay and Michael had become friends as they really are the only thinking adults in this series (so far.) I secretly hoped that Michael would not catch up to George as I wanted him to be free but that would ruin the show. However, I am glad that Buster and Lucille Ostero, or Lucille 2 as she is now called by the narrator, stepped out as a couple even though this clearly overwhelmed Buster. Additionally, I am very intrigued by this newfound alliance between Maeby and Lucille as I am curious to what their cunning minds will cook up for the rest of the family.

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