Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 6-Visiting Ours

Rating: 4.5/5

             Once again, we begin with Michael visiting George who just cannot seem to get through his head the severity of the Bluth Company situation. While I was watching this I could not help but think about a question on the blog guideline sheet which stated “Was any sexual tension addressed this season?” and I feel that this episode more than addressed this issue.  By this I mean, Michael figuring out that George had an affair with his assistant Kitty as well as Lucille and George’s sexless marriage which was solved at the end.

                This all begins with Michael’s suspicion that Kitty knows something about the missing Bluth files but because he isn’t George, won’t tell. In order to get her to “spill the beans,” Michael asks Gob to seduce Kitty in order to obtain the files. However, Gob finds it pretty difficult to even look at Kitty because of her cross eyed and frizzy haired appearance. To overcome this barrier, Gob sleeps with Kitty with the lights turned off and avoids looking at her. Meanwhile, all Lucille can think about how embarrassing it is to be turned away from the country club golf course.

                Anyway, Michael finds Gob bumming around at the office in order to write a letter to the jail warden who refuses to categorize his stabbing as escaping jail. When Michael sees how attracted Kitty is to Gob, he offers him a touch lamp in exchange for getting information from her.

                Meanwhile, Lindsay and Tobias prepare for their first visit to a marriage counselor in an effort to save their relationship and figure out a way to cope with their unemployment even though Tobias believes he is a serious actor.

Lindsay and Tobias argue over how he has failed to satisfy her needs (sexual) as she pulls his towel off only to reveal him wearing booty shorts.

After the couple suspiciously trys to leave the house, Maebe convinces George Michael to follow them to see what they’re really up to. George Michael refuses to take her stating that he has plans to visit George but, is actually quite terrified of the idea of jail. When Michael returns home, happy with the thought that he would not have to visit George again, George Michael asks to be taken to visit George.

                While seducing Kitty, Gob tells her to take off her glasses in an effort to make her slightly more attractive. After seeing she is cross-eyed, he suggests she untie her hair only to reveal a frizzy mess.

Instead Gob opts for turning off the lights and even after having sex with her, fails to get any information about the international accounts. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Tobias role play during counseling in an effort to better understand each other as well as Tobias’ nonexistent acting career.  This role playing leaves Lindsay upset as she feels it is pointless. Therefore, the counselor steps in to play Lindsay’s part only to end up fueling the thought of Tobias being gay.

The counselor then reveals that this session has inspired him to become an actor as well.

                During their visit to George, George Michael experiences a really awkward moment in which George is clearly beginning to lose his mind.  Michael decides that jail is too much for George Michael to handle and asks him to wait in the stair car. The inmates see this as an opportunity to escape and one inmate successfully escapes with the help of the stair car leaving George Michael even more terrified.

                George reveals to Michael that prison isn’t as fun as it seemed at first and how Lucille has not even gone to visit him. He feels lonely which Michael interprets as sexually deprived and therefore convinces Lucille to visit him and spend time at the conjugal trailer to satisfy that need. However, Lucille takes this opportunity to basically extort the golf country club membership out of Michael. When the day finally comes for Lucille to go do George, Michael realizes that the woman George actually wanted to see was Kitty. George reveals that he had been sleeping with Kitty every Friday for the past 8 years.

George decides to first sleep with Lucille while Kitty ends up being stalled by Gob in the other trailer only to end up being caught escaping the trailer by the jail warden. During the next visit, George reveals that there is a chance that he might have committed light treason.

                As if the family’s troubles could not get any worse, no one is really willing to help Michael in trying to clear the Bluth family’s name. I thought that the George having an affair wasn’t something too unbelievable but the fact that it was with Kitty was pretty much gross. Also, I love how when Gob was being  handcuffed by the jail warden, his face was pushed against the window of the trailer and looked directly at his parents having sex which as you could imagine, is pretty traumatic. I was really glad that episode gave me the material needed to answer the awkward sexual tension question.

Memorable Quotes

Kitty: “Do you like my outfit?”

Gob: “Not as much as I like what’s underneath it”

Kitty: “Gob!”

Gob: “No, I need your chair, get up, I’ve got a letter to write”

“Daddy horny Michael”-George Bluth


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  1. Posted by melzwriter on October 24, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    I loved that you added in your favorite quotes at the end. It really gives the reader a true feel for the show. It was also good that you incorporated one of the questions. The pictures too, enhanced your blog. Great work 🙂


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