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Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 5-Charity Drive


         This episode begins with the narrator stating the obvious which is, the fact that Michael rides his bicycle everywhere. It is particularly hilarious, that even in the burning California heat, he continues to ride his bike in a suit. This causes him to sweat more than average and eventually leads him to sweat all over presentation slides during an investors meeting which as Kitty (the secretary) states, leads the investors to believe he’s full of shit.

                As always, Michael is left fixing the problems George caused such as not filing permits for the company. He then decides to visit George about this which means having to ride his bike all the way to prison in 100°F weather. Kitty then suggests that he take George’s car.  Michael immediately refuses this idea as that car is perhaps one of George’s most valued possessions. Kitty informs him that Gob, Lindsay and even Buster have been using the car and have set it on fire, spilled nail polish on it and even set up a schedule which once again leaves Michael as the last one to know. When Michael confronts Gob about using the car, he asks why he just doesn’t use his precious stair car. Michael then informs him that Tobias, believing he was parking the car, left the car at the airport after the crew guided him onto the runway believing that the stair car was actually for plane use.

This of course is happening right outside the banana stand as Gob visits regularly to get frozen bananas for free. After Michael realizes this, he tells George Michael not to give him any more bananas which then upsets Gob who states that Michael is selfish. In reality, it is Gob who is selfish and Michael is actually the furthest thing from selfish as he sacrifices everything to get the family ahead.

                Michael, still searching for the car, visits Lucille’s condo in hopes of finding Buster there. However, as always, Lucille is no help to Michael as she is busy getting ready for the Bachelorette auction for the wetlands. Naturally, Lucille is involved just so she can beat her rival, Lucille Ostero who is still in pursuit of a relationship with Buster. Buster meanwhile is hiding as Lucille asks “Why do you always hide when the doorbell rings?” However, Buster was actually hiding from Lucille Ostero.

Lucille Ostero has not yet realized that Buster was not serious about pursuing a relationship with her. Michael eventually does get the car keys from Buster who stayed at home to later bid on Lucille Bluth at the Bachelorette auction.

                Michael finally gets around to confronting George about the unfiled permits. The only solution George has is that Gob break into the permits office and claim that the office messed up the application which as he claims, is what Gob is kept around for. He warns Michael to tell Gob that he asked him to do this for him as Gob is upset that Michael would not even give him a frozen banana. It’s pretty funny to see that everyone has somehow found out about the frozen banana incident.

                As Michael returns home, he receives a call from Lindsay stating that she has volunteered her time that day to clean up the wetlands which starts off terribly as she stabs a frog with her garbage pick-up stick.

In an effort to show how charitable he can be, Michael picks up a woman who he believed to be Lucille’s cleaning woman at a bus stop and offers to drive her home.

The woman, of course, is terrified after seeing the skeleton from Buster’s archeological dig, burnt seats that Gob caused, and red nail polish spilt all over which she thought was blood. Meanwhile, Lindsay calls Michael asking him to pick her up from the wetlands as she has learned they are not exactly what she thought. At the same time, the woman’s family has reported her missing after Michael’s attempt to take her home but is unable to understand her due to a language barrier.

                After Gob neglects to follow the number one rule of breaking in somewhere which is not to get noticed, he leaves this tremendous task to George Michael as Michael has told him to do anything he said. Maebe considers this a perfect opportunity for rebellion and quickly takes on the challenge of breaking into the permit office. George Michael gladly accepts her assistance as he sees this as another chance to spend more time with her. Lindsay finally finds her cab and leaves the wetlands but forgets to inform Michael of the fact that she left. The woman believed to be Lucille’s housekeeper sees Michael’s frustration as an opportunity to flee from her supposed captor.

                George Michael and Maebe go ahead with their plans to break into the permits office and naturally, are caught.

 As a way to show how much he cares for her, George Michael tells her to save herself as his record is clean. While all of this is happening, the rest of the Bluth family is at the auction and it is there that Michael realizes Lindsay had in fact gone to the wetlands. Buster arrives to the auction just in time to bid on Lucille Bluth only to end up bidding $10,000 on Lucille Ostero.

As Lindsay and Michael leave the auction, Michael is surprised by a police officer who asks if George’s car is his and he says that it is. He is then charged for the abduction of Helen Maria Delgado aka the woman he believed to be the Bluth housekeeper, Lupe.

                It is not too surprising to see that Michael and George Michael are both taken away in the same police car. When Michael asks his son why he is there, George Michael responds that he was trying to be a good guy which Michael responds too as “me too.” As seen in the previews, Michael gets away with not going to jail as Helen similarly blames the wrong white guy for her abduction.  

                Once again, this episode explores just how terrible each family member is and how every Bluth member’s lack of judgment ends up biting Michael in the a**. I honestly can’t see how things could possibly get worse for Michael although I am glad he did not go to jail for his attempt at being a good person.

I’m kind of upset that Buster did not pursue a relationship with Lucile Ostero as the last previews had suggested. Additionally, I am upset that Tobias has not been present in the last two episodes but Buster has been filling that void which I guess is fine for now.  Overall, I have found several moment of the show to be funny such as Lindsay stabbing the frog which is funny and absolutely disgusting and perhaps the funniest moment of this episode being Gob losing his tooth after biting into a candied apple which he bought in retaliation for not being given any more frozen bananas.

Memorable Quotes:

“They didn’t sneak into this country to be your friends”-Lucille Bluth

talking about Mexican cleaning ladies/Mexicans in general