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Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 4-Key Desicions

Rating: 4.8/5

In this episode, we really see what type of relationship Michael and Gob have and to some extent, the relationship Lucille and Buster have.  We begin with Lindsay and Michael once again arguing over the way Lindsay handles money as she has neglected to give back the rental car. This then forces Michael to return the can and instead give her the Bluth stair car which was once used in conjunction with the Bluth private jet which had to be sold. Michael points out that if Lindsay isn’t as materialistic as she says she is, then she should happily drive the car.

Gob once again visits the mini mansion after a dispute with his girlfriend Marta over how he feels he is just a piece of meat that sits through interviews with her and appears at award shows. Lucille and Buster then arrive at the mini mansion in an effort to find Michael so that he can tie Buster’s tie. This is in preparation to attend a Mexican novela award ceremony for Marta. It is during this moment that Michael asks if it’s date night for Lucille and Buster while Lucille point s out girls don’t appreciate him because of ” his glasses, they make him look like a lizard.”

In an effort to make money, Michael has decided to cut down trees in the space surrounding the mini mansion to make space for more mini mansions. This attracts nature activist, Johnny Bark who decides to live in the tree to protest the expansion of “high cost low quality mini mansions” such as the model house. This prompts a reporter to knock on the window to the house which then, falls down (the window not the house.)

In an attempt to make himself recognized for reasons other than being Marta’s boyfriend, Gob announces on a Mexican talk show that he will join his father at jail and break out within 24 hours.This causes Martha to be dateless for the daytime Desi award show in which case, Michael fills in for Gob.  Several funny things occur at this award show one of them being Martha and Michael showing up to the red carpet in the Bluth Stair Car.

Another, kind of offensive thing, is the fact that the Mexican actors being nominated, all look the same.

Marta unfortunately, loses in her category which causes her to leave the auditorium rather upset. When Michael finds her, he is surprised to find out that Marta did not care that she didn’t win but rather that Gob chose to do his little publicity stunt instead of being with her and her kids. She tells Michael that at the end of the day, family and values are all that really matter and it is at this moment, Michael realizes she is the most beautiful person in the world.

At the after party, Lucille runs into her frenemy, Lucille Ostero who is her Hispanic counterpart. Lucille Ostero honestly values her friendship with Lucille Bluth while Lucille Bluth only talks to Lucille Ostero to rub in her face the fact that her husband is dead. Meanwhile, Buster is off attempting to socialize but upon his mother’s request, does not wear his glasses.

This causes him several moments of talking to himself and neglecting to see that the woman flirting with him from across the room is actually Lucille Ostero.

Meanwhile, Gob is in prison with George and uses this time to vent about the fact that his father never played ball with him like he is doing in prison now. Although Gob truly feels this way, he remembers that he has to pass the key which he had so much trouble swallowing and realizes he can only use the bathroom with everyone watching him therefore leaving him no way out.

He then calls Michael to bring the stair car to help him escape but unfortunately, fails. The next day, a fellow inmate decides to stab Gob while he plays ball with his father after their first encounter in which Gob made a quarter appear out of his dirty ears therefore earning him the nickname, “Dirty-ears.”

Michael decides to visit Marta to profess his love to her only to be interrupted by a phone call from jail stating that “Gob has been stabbed in the back” which is both literal and figurative as Michael was about to steal his brother’s girl. As they arrive to the hospital, both Michael and Marta bump into Lucille who states Gob will be fine and instead of staying near her son’s bed, goes in search of the hospital bar. Buster, of course, accompanied Lucille to the hospital and runs into Lucille Ostero but was not aware that she is his “secret admirer.” After learning that she is in fact the “brownish area with points”, Buster faints which causes Lucille Ostero to panic and fall due to her severe vertigo.

Meanwhile, Gob tells Michael how his accident has caused to see how much he hasn’t appreciated Marta and how inspired he is to make their relationship work. Michael chooses not to interfere as he realizes Martha truly loves Gob and he cannot come between family. However, as Marta leaves, Gob states that he’s made a huge mistake which I’m not sure what he’s referring to but I hope that he realized he was not the right person for Marta and the she did in fact deserve someone like Michael.

While these events took place, Lindsay was trapped in the tree with Johnny Bark. At first, she was trying to convince him to come down which caused Maebe and George Michael to decide they had to save the tree. However, after realizing how materialistic she is and how she doesn’t believe in anything, Lindsay decides to stay in the tree (ultimately she had no choice as she got up the tree with the stair car and Michael had taken the stair car with him to the award show.) However, deep down, Lindsay realized she needed to sleep in a real bed and therefore, left the tree.

This causes Johnny Bark to also leave the tree and resulted in the tree being cut down.

Ultimately, I couldn’t help but to feel sorry for Michael. He puts so much hard work in keeping the family together and saving them that he often neglects his own needs as a man. I could not help but feel angry at Martha for not realizing that Michael was the type of man that she wanted and had been looking for. Also, I find Buster’s attempt at escaping his mother hilarious as he tried escaping Lucille Bluth and instead ran into the arms of Lucille Ostero who again, is just as materialistic as Lucille Bluth but a bit more compassionate. I loved the fact that Liza Minelli played Lucille Ostero although I secretly hoped they would have chosen a legit Mexican woman. This is because I am an avid viewer of Mexican novellas and I know that there are Mexican actresses capable of playing this role way better than Liza Minelli does. Overall, I loved this episode because of the funny (but kind of offensive) quotable moments such as:

“It’s his glasses, they make him look like a lizard”-Lucille Bluth

“A sea of waiters and no one will take my order”-Lucille Bluth, assuming all Mexicans are waiters

“I know she’s a brownish area, with points”-Buster, talking about his mysterious admirer

“Oh my god, Gob has been stabbed in the back!”-Marta

“You gotta put family first, that’s the stupid thing I believe”-Michael