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Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 3-Bringing Up Buster

         I have just started watching this third episode and I swear I almost died when the paid programming commercial for the Bluth “Cornballer” machine was shown and featured Richard Simmons! This was the funniest thing I have seen so far on A.D.

             Anyway, I have now finished watching the whole episode and must say I really was not expecting some of the things featured. For example, Maebe’s decision to audition for the school play in order to get closer to Steve Holt who is the typical idiot high school jock and someone I would never have imagined a “rebellious” girl like Maebe to be attracted to. Secondly, George Michael’s decision to not go bike riding with his father and instead audition for the same play in order to get closer to kiss Maebe again. I must say, I am still completely grossed out by his crush on his own cousin. Thirdly, Buster’s realization that his mother is a complete nightmare and he must get away.

              I feel like the most important thing to discuss here, is Buster. He first appeared in the pilot and upon first seeing him, I thought he’d be a nerd but he’s actually a helpless momma’s boy. We see this through his exclusion from family gatherings and his inability to even dress himself. Buster continues to tag along with Michael and one of the most annoying things ever is Buster’s constant over the top yawning which of course, only makes me yawn.

When given the task to build George Michael’s new bicycle, Buster proceeds to put it together in the conference room while Michael attempts to hold a meeting.

               When Michael visits George, they discuss their parenting styles and question when it is time to let go. With George Michael, it is clear that he can function just fine with or without Michael but Buster, cannot. George explains how he does not know what happened to Buster and maybe his inability to function without his mother is due to the fact that he spent 11 months in the womb and left claw marks.

             Meanwhile, Gob continues with his depression after being dumped by “that Mexican.” Lucille gives him three days to leave her condo which prompts Gob to state “If I can’t find a horny Mexican in three days, then I don’t deserve to stay here,” which as a Mexican, offends me.

               After their visit to prison, Michael decides to take Buster on a bike ride after George Michael declined this offer. It is during this moment of stretching, that we see that perhaps Buster isn’t as dumb as he seems after saying multiple bad words which of course, are covered by bleeps. This of course leaves everyone (Michael and the viewer) aghast.

Later on, both Lindsay and Gob arrive to the model home where everyone “rags on Mom”. Of course, no one expected Buster to blow up in a rampage of cursing at his mom.

I feel like I must include the pictures of everyone’s reactions because they are priceless.

              Michael and Buster finally leave on their bike ride with Buster riding the faster bike meant for George Michael. However, Buster in his infinite wisdom, neglected to add the brakes therefore causing him to crash and much as a child would, scrape his palms.

 After this accident, Michael takes Buster to the office to finish their work when Lucille angrily arrives trying to take back her baby. Lucille tries to make Michael seem like a bad father which causes him to instead let Buster decide who he wants to go with. Buster decides to go with Lucille but asserts his newfound control over making his own decisions by stating he would now like to sit in the front seat.  I found it pretty hilarious that the family really doesn’t give a s*** whether they have these discussions in front of all the board members.

         I have realized several things while watching this episode. First, that Michael truly understands what it’s like to long for a family which is why he goes through so much to keep his intact no matter how dysfunctional they are. Second, that Buster really isn’t as stupid as he looks and is way underestimated by Lucille. Thirdly, the ending “previews” of the next episode are never actually shown in said episode.  Overall, I loved this episode for a.) the Richard Simmons paid programming commercial and b.) Buster’s surprising cursing rampages.  

Rating: 4.7/5