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Arrested Development: Season 1, Ep. 2-Top Banana

In this episode, we see the several problems the Bluth family faces after the arrest of George Bluth.  Michael Bluth cannot find some flight records for the Bluth Company which causes a freeze in the company funds and therefore decides to confront George about where he can find said records. When he arrives, he is shocked to find out that George is having the time of his life and having a “love affair” with ice cream sandwiches. George’s friend T-Bone, a flamer, stops by the visitation table  where George informs Michael that he is going to be released that day and that he give him a job at the company. Naturally, Michael is upset that George would even consider that as well as George’s overall lack of concern over the severity of the situation the family is in.

                Meanwhile, George Michael realizes what a challenge it is living with Maebe as he still has not gotten over his crush on her. In order to escape the awkwardness of being around her all the time, he proceeds to ask Michael for more hours. Impressed by his eagerness to work, Michael promotes George Michael to “Mr. Manager” and informs him of his new power to hire people.  Perhaps one of the most ridiculous moments of this episode, is Michael’s finding of a dead dove in the freezer which is labeled “Dead Dove-do not eat.” This of course, is one of Gob’s actions as he bought the dove for his magic act but instead crushed it as he exited the pet shop. For some strange reason, Gob thought he would be able to return a dead frozen dove.

Michael then decides to confront Lindsay and Tobias who as always, are doing nothing. Lindsay states her job is “supporting her husband” while Tobias is informed that he is not an actor as he’s never actually had an audition. This causes Michael to decide that Maebe be employed at the tiny banana shaped frozen banana stand with George Michael to avoid ending up like her lazy parents. Michael tells George Michael to “stay on top of her” and not to be afraid to “ride her, hard” which to Michael is just a saying but leads one to believe George Michael would take this as sexual.

                While at the banana stand, Maebe suggests that they go play skee ball and steals the money for skee ball from the banana stand register. This of course freaks George Michael out. Meanwhile this is going on, George Michael visits Lucille to ask her if she knows where the flight records are. She claims to not know where they are but then tells him they are in a storage unit but does not know where they are. Instead, Lucille yells at Michael for not including Gob in the business.

Meanwhile, Tobias is part hunting when, in his infinite wisdom, decides to buy “Actor Pull” magazine which is actually “Tractor Pull” and is surprised to see so many “Parts” ads. Tobias realizes his mistake but of course, Michael helps him out by pointing out a flyer for an audition. It is here that Michael realizes how to get his mom to show him where the storage unit is. He calls Lucille and tells her the IRS is going to be stopping by her apartment to check for any luxury items she may have charged to the company. This of course frightens her and she sends her housekeeper, Luz, to hide the furs in the much sought out for, storage unit. Michael follows Luz on his bicycle as she pulls an entire rack of furs onto several buses and leads him to the storage unit. However, to their surprise, they find the storage unit in flames which as Michael suspected, was T-Bone’s work upon receiving orders from George.

The day of the audition finally arrives and Lindsay goes with Tobias for “support.” Tobias screws up his audition after he believes the “Fire Sale” was actually a real fire. He rejects the opportunity to re-audition. As Tobias exits, Lindsay notices that the guy holding the auditions was her “male counterpart” in high school and impresses him with her reaction to the fire sale. This causes Tobias to lose the part and instead, Lindsay earning it. She rewards herself by going on a shopping spree and taking her mother out to lunch with money she hasn’t even received. At this lunch, we see another example of Lucille’s horrible parenting and her overall lack of interest for anyone’s feelings.

Michael goes to jail to confront his father for running the business from inside jail but George continues to ask him to give T-Bone a job. To his surprise, Michael returns to the banana stand only to see T-Bone, Maebe and George Michael all working there. Of course, Michael is infuriated that George does not understand that he is no longer in charge.

In an effort to avoid Michael finding out about the stealing of money from the register, George Michael, with the help of T-Bone, decides to burn down the banana stand. Luckily, Michael gets there in time to stop him but instead decides to help burn the stand along with Gob who was jealous of his brother all along. After the cathartic burning of the banana stand, Michael realizes that Gob had not mailed the stands’ insurance check. The next day, Lindsay awakens only to be informed that she slept through her commercial shoot and Michael goes to tell George of what they had done. George of course received the news about the banana stand terribly as he had always said “there was money in that banana stand” which Michael took as a successful business when there was actually $250,000 lining the walls of the stand. Upon realizing the stand was the only good thing the Bluth’s had ever made, George Michael and Michael decided to rebuild it together.

                I watched this episode with my sister who had not seen the first episode but still found it funny although she was irritated by the narrator. I personally found the narrator (Ron Howard) wonderful as something about his voice is cheerful and hopeful. Also, he helps explain what exactly is about to go down. Also, I loved the flashbacks such as Lindsay’s Best Hair photo in the year book and Michael working at the banana stand. I feel these flashbacks really help explain why these characters are the way they are. Overall, I gave this episode a 4.2 because of its many moments of hilarity.

Rating 4.2/5