two of my really, really good friends started going out with each and i’m jealous.

i feel like i shouldnt because theyre adorable but the thing is at one point i have

had some sort of feelings for them except not really. its like i had a dream i kissed

one of them but i started to dislike her around october but i really dont because

she’s been my friend since freshman year and she really is a sweet person.

the other is pretty much a dyke (which i find hilarious because she’s on the softball

team and in my school the majority of the girls are lesbians) but she’s sooooo

cute. except i never realized and i always tell her i love her but in a whatever way

because i really dont, i just happen to think she’s gotten incredibly good looking.

don’t get me wrong though cause i’m super happy for them because they’re so cute

togther and its just soo adorable. it just upsets me that i don’t like anyone or have anyone.


ryan cabrera!


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