i hate that whenever i post a blog, the last one was from like ages ago.

i’m home sick and feel like i’m doing nothing. regents week started last tuesday and i went to school tuesday and wednesday for english regents, so i guess that counts. but school started again yesterday and i didnt go to school cause i have a cold. and yesterday it snowed and i went out when it was snowing pretty hard so i became even more sick. well not really but my mom asked me if i wanted to go to school today and my sisters were all “no don’t go” and i knew if i went i’d get worse, so here i am watching fresh prince of bel-air. i was watching saved by the bell and it was that episode where they make the anti-drug commercial and for some reason i found it hilarious. i guess its because the school in the show is bayside high school and i go to bayside high school and everyone in my school does drugs, well not really but definately smokes. like all my friends but whatever. i’m super bored cause all i do is clean my room, the living room, wash dishes and then just wait til someone comes home. i feel like i should practice clarinet because i havent even opened my case or looked at my music in weeks. plus mr. wanat will go all “daicy, you could be in concert band but you dont practice” in his stern voice. additionally, i reallyyyyyyy want to go to school to get my report card and program so i can argue about my new schedule.  like seriously, what junior has a 1-10 schedule the majority of the week? stupid gym, i mean why give me 10th pd. gym and 9th pd. freshie lunch. and the only days i end 8th pd. are tues. and thurs. and thursdays i have to stay 9th and 10th doing nothing just for newspaper. like i’m considering quitting newspaper but i’m one of the few people that are actually dedicated to making the newspaper a lot better and actually go to all the meetings and i always write at least 1 article. idk. i need a new metrocard, cause i dont want to buy a new one. i feel like i should stop rambling and be more consistent in my writing cause i’m reading all this shit i’m writing and i feel like its all jumpy. all right i shall go do my latin and U.S. history homework cause it was due yesterday and i need to write my native american essay. but first i shall watch ellen. omg i loveeee her show.L45 113

thanks if you actually read this:)


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  1. first, that little girl is BANGIN. (kidding, im actually not a pedophile). what i meant to say is that she’s very cute. she looks like a mini-rihanna.and secondly, im glad you’re all better now. as for me, i am still struggling with my vision. did i mention how i need vision therapy? for focusing problems? i have to go to the optometric center at bryant park every saturday. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! but it’s ok, i just want to be able to see clearly again. and indeed, it sucks to have 10th period. and 9th period lunch it doesn’t make much sense to me still. a lot of ppl smoke at my school too, sometimes, i feel indifferent abt it but other time, it irritates me. why do they fall so easily under the influence? i try to understand that it’s because they wanted to experiment with it and with just one try, got addicted to it. but still…idk. i don’t think i’ll ever understand.


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