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RIP: Dad

so on friday march, 7 my dad died. i’m stil very upset and will be for quite some time. i didnt go to school today nor for the remainder of the week. yesterday i went and couldnt take it as every single period i cried and i had to go to the guidance counseler. i still dont know what to say as it has hit me my dad isnt here anymore and when i get home from school and ask who’s home i know he wont be here.  like he’d been drinking for the past 20 days straight and had diabetes so he drank 9 different pills and insulin but we still didnt expect this. like when he was drunk he’s yell at my mom and my sisters but when he was sober he’d be okay i mean he did anything for my sisters and i like make sure we were okay. i remember wednesday my mom and i yelled at him because he threatened to move out and take everything with him. like if one thing is for sure i’m glad he doesnt have to suffer anymore and he died in his sleep peacefully. although it was my sisters birthday the next i feel terrible for her because it was so sad that day. like my mom used to feel terrible for him too because we’d have to see him suffer but now he doesnt. i mean some of his friends told us he told them he had three days to live but i understand why he didnt want to tell us. he didnt want us to be upset that he was going to die. like someone saw him friday morning and my sister saw him in the morning and my other sister in the afternoon. like i still remember how i saw his body in his bed, lifeless, and i just had no words except to cry. like we were outide when the paramedics came in and my uncle took us to his house so we wouldnt see his body being taken away. like tomorrow is his funeral service and then he’ll be buried in mexico so tomorrow is the last time i’ll ever see him. like even though he’s being buried there he’ll always be in my thoughts and heart and al i know is i have to be strong for my mom and my sisters and myself.