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eww rain

well i like the rain but come on this

is like freakin noah’s ark story

all over again. well i’,m exaggerating

i had hoped we wouldnt have school

but nah daicy cant be happy

so i will listen to my the almost cd

til i have to go to school

which is like now.

the music thing isnt working

so i am listening to the academy is


LAX to O’Hare

i love the way we laugh until we cry dance until we die

well spring breaks over


that means school tomorrow

dont have to start til third which is ehh

and i sat on coffee today

geeze that pissed me off

hope everyone had a better day than i did.

no one will ever see things the way i do

well i’m home

and am very sad because i entered

the academy is contest to see them tonight

and i didnt win any ticket:[ and i might

not be able to go to bamboozle either

so this sucks

and i have no one to hang out with

 i want a lip piercing

idk why this is all i’ve been thinking

about this week


on thursday i was waiting for my mom

at the train station and then i saw this old guy

walk down the stairs and then he stopped and waited

then this old lady came down and he went to her

and held her hand

then they walked together smiling

and i couldnt help thinking

that was so sweet