idk exactly how i feel

my throat is killing me but idk

i should be leaving right now

so i can make it to math on time

but i choose not to go

what 4th time in a row.

i attempted to dye my hair

i shouldve bleached it though

i havent updated because i cant think of

what to say but i do check this and comment


if you watch the video i lovee you

[nick and becca(on becca’s birthday Feb.14)]

5 responses to this post.

  1. haha I watched it, saw no daicy tho.MY THROAT HURTS TOO! omgg lols XP
    haahaaa im sorry ;P


  2. ahaha. What is that, that that girl put in her hair?omg.I said “that” three times in a rowWOOT!haha.


  3. omgomg.I feel so bad.hahahaha.
    Sorry Nick!:XI think the only reason I said girl,is because his hands.They look so girly? haha. I can’t think of the word..
    Give him a hug for me :)and tell him Emily says “howdoyoudo?”
    and give yourself a hug from me 🙂


  4. Lol aww.those damn girly hands.


  5. aww.Well,hopefully you will be able to go next year then :)lol.


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