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car crash hearts

 i’m very bored

well everything this week

has been idk

monday eww

tuesday eww

wednesday becca’s birthday and we were walking

around the snow during 10th

i reallly dont know whats been going

on with me

i’m like all asdfghjkl;





iFaggat what i was gonna say

oh em gee

i got infinity on high:]

well my sister got it for me

i couldnt even tyeo

from thw excitment



eek!its thursday

i’ve tried to update this site a gazillion

times but my mom usually comes

in and tells me to turn off the computer

eek!its thursday.

the only good thing is me and becca

are going to dunkin donuts this


and thursday’s nick has lab so i have someone

to walk me to class:]

talk to me.


so i figured it would be time for a change

so i got this new xanga.

the end.