Arrested Development: Wrap Up

I can’t believe that I’m finally done with this whole blog. I must say, I definately will continue to watch the show (there is one season left) but this time it will be much easier as I don’t have to write about it. I personally feel because this show is thirty minutes, it’s very easy to end up summarizing a lot and especially with the narrator, I feel like I want to include every little thing I see.

This is definitely one of the best, if not the best show’s I have seen in a long time. It’s sad to see that such a great show is not on the air anymore but because it is such a great show, I am glad to see that an Arrested Development movie is in the works even after the show ended like 5 years ago.

When I first started watching this show, I came in hating Jason Bateman but ended up loving him. I feel the way he portrayed this role of the guy to get something done without sacrificing his values was amazing. Also, I feel that I really was satisfied with the overall casting. Even if I disliked the character, I knew I could not say anything about the acting because it was just that perfect.

As I had stated in one of  my earlier blogs, the narrator annoyed me. However, as the show got more and more complicated I began thinking, thank goodness for the narrator other I would have been lost all the time. I also like that the narrator was mostly unbiased and eventually I began to think of him as an actual cast member.

The way this show is set up, the foreshadowing done in each episode is insane! I find myself constantly kicking myself for not picking up a little detail that would eventually become super obvious such as the hand jokes and references leading up to Buster losing his hand. Also, I like the constant inclusion of guest stars such as Liza Minelli and Amy Poehler who added some variety in the otherwise same old dysfunctional family.

I feel that the music played a minor but still present role in this series. Like in the worst moments you’d all of a sudden hear the little elevator/country club music which was just so out of place that it was good.

I know that I will for sure end up telling everyone to watch this show. I mean even my sisters who watch trashy, disgusting reality TV ended up loving this show whenever I watched it on the living room TV (because I usually watch this show on my laptop.) Overall, I am glad that I chose to watch this show and am quite satisfied with the work I have done:)

Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 18-Righteous Brothers

Rating: 5/5

This episode begins with Michael noticing that the house is going downhill as his pen rolls off the table. A contractor tells him that the pipes in the house are attached to nothing and that the house is sinking in. This is directly aimed at what Michael had said in an ealier episode about “Sudden Valley” sounding like a sinkhole and indeed the house was sinking into the ground. Michael is notified that an inspector must come in and red tag the house which means George will have to leave.

Meanwhile, Maeby invites George Micheal to a screening of the American remake of  “Dangerous Cousins” which only rekindles his feelings for her. She gives him tickets to invite everyone he knows and he invites Ann who suggests they protest the movie but this backfires as it only causes more excitement around the film and sells more tickets.

Tobias resigns as assistant as the Blue Man Group has asked him to go to Las Vegas. Lindsay however, refuses to leave and go to Las Vegas. Kitty then returns stating that she will no longer bother the Bluths and she only needs a man in her life. Michael ends up setting Tobias up with Kitty and they end up actually hitting it off.

Meanwhile, Gob is sent to get George and drop him off at the police station. He uses Franklin to knock him out and drives him in the stair car where he notices that Michael has not listened to the CD he made for him. Michael finally signs the paper that will give him immunity from going to jail only to be informed by Wayne Jarvis that he has a photo of Michael driving an unconscious George somewhere. Although the photo is clearly Gob holding a photo of Michael and it looks like it is Michael driving, Michael is arrested. Gob however, refuses to testify as he is hurt that Michael has not listened to the CD.

George Michael tries to break up with Ann but realizes that he might get a kiss out of helping her and decides to not break up. Lucille however, is about to tell George Michael that his father is in jail but is interrupted after seeing Kitty and Tobias together so she tells her instead. Meanwhile, Buster confronts Oscar about lying about being his father.

Back at jail, Michael hears Gob’s Cd and realizes he can’t turn his brother in and at the same moment, Gob realizes he can’t do that to Michael. He decides to tell the police what he has done. At the mansion, Maeby tells George Michael to not go after the first person who shows him they care but does not follow her advice as she ends up truly kissing George Michael and are seen by Gob who is only worried about that the house has sunk in more and George is hidden underneath.

Gob runs to the courthouse after discovering that George ran away. Michael fights him for turning himself in and ruining everything which is similar to the fight at the last season’s finale. Lindsay shows up to fight Kitty for Tobias but ends up getting knocked out by Kitty. When she wakes up, she is proud that she fought for Tobias but he states that he is still leaving to Vegas with Kitty. Meanwhile George shows up and turns himself in when it is actually Oscar who is turning himself in after George cut his hair.

The season ends with the previews showing George taking Tobias’ role in the Blue Man group. I’m really happy with this ending because I was definately expecting George to give himself in but clearly, he would never do such a thing. However, this upset me as he’d rather risk his own family’s safety and well being in order to save his own and this is quite a disappointment.

Arrested Development: Season 2, Ep. 17-Spring Breakout

Rating: 4.5/5

We once again are at Spring Break. This can only mean one thing, the return of Kitty. And oh my goodness, she does, and strangely enough, she comes back way better looking than when we were first introduced to her in season 1.

We begin with Cal Cullen, one of the largest land owners, refusing to do business with the Bluth’s for their bad reputation. Lucille walks in drunk and further jeopardizes this deal. Cal leaves and it is here that Michael decides that perhaps it is time to do something about Lucille’s drinking problem. The Bluth’s decide to send Lucille off to rehab after several failed interventions. Lucille is tricked into going to rehab with the promise of going to a spa.

Meanwhile, Kitty arrives as she watched the Bluth Scandalmakers episode and realizing that he is hiding in the attic. She kidnaps George and holds him hostage as she has a cooler full of evidence against George. She hides him in a hotel claiming that he still owes her a baby. She calls Lucille to meet her in a bar to bargain for her husband.

Lindsay is busy at Spring Break to film “Men with Low Self-Esteem” in direct protest to “Girls with Low Self-Esteem.” Maeby is busy trying to find lines for her next film about teenage love. Gob meanwhile, is buys devising a plan to switch the cooler and George out of the hotel room. Lucille shows up at the bar where Kitty asks her to give her George’s sperm which had been saved years ago. Lucille refuses and Kitty challenges her to a drinking contest even though Lucille has just left rehab. Of course, Lucille wins and leaves Kitty who is asleep at the bar.

Gob regains his confidence after switching the coolers but ends up falling into a pool and destroying the evidence. His low self esteem then hits rock bottom as the teenagers laugh at him. Their switching of the coolers ended horribly as Lucille strangles Michael as she tells him that the cooler had George’s sperm hidden inside.

This episode is once again, like a breather episode except something big is actually happening. After finding out about George’s treason, it is clear to see why the cooler marked “H. MADDAS” is so important, it is because it is Saddam H. spelled from right to left like Arabic. I just wish that eventually we see what exactly is going to be used against George.

Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 16-Meat the Veals

Rating: 4/5

This episode begins with Oscar suggesting that the Bluths throw a party for Lucille and George’s anniversary to show who has been there for Lucille and who was not. After learning about this, George asks Gob to take him to the church of the Good Shepard so that he can surprise Lucille by renewing their vows. George Micheal, meanwhile, has decided to get pre engaged to Ann which comes as a huge shocker for Michael. He decides to talk to her parents and see what they think about this. Sadly,  the Veals are thrilled that Ann is to be pre engaged and completely support them.

In an attempt to change their mind, Michael invites the Veals to the anniversary party so they can see how terrible his family is. Meanwhile, Tobias is still acting as Mrs. Featherbottom which Maeby and Lindsay use to their advantage as they use him to cater the party. Michael asks Gob to bring along his super offensive, black puppet Franklin to scare the Veals even more. However, George has asked Gob to use Franklin to kidnap Lucille and take her to the chapel to renew the vows. Lucille and Buster end up getting knocked out by Gob who then takes Lucille to the church. Meanwhile, Ann’s super hot mom makes a move on Michael and kisses him on the balcony where Tobias and George Michael see.  George Michael is angered by this and decides to go ahead and pre propose to Ann with his mother’s ring. Ann decides they should get married now and takes him to the church where Lucille and George should be renewing their vows. Michael arrives and tries to put a stop to this by announcing that Ann’s mom hit on him which only angers Pastor Veal. The two fight it out in the church. The police arrive after getting a tip that George was there but he ends up fleeing with Tobias’ wig.  George Michael sees that he was wrong and convinces Ann not to marry him. However, she is now determined to lose her virginity to him and gets crazy again.

I feel that although this is episode was funny, it wasn’t really great. Like so far I have felt that this whole season. There have been several good moments but nothing like the first season. However, I do like the commentary on marriage at a young age as I feel people that get married so young are ruining their lives and especially with a crazy girl like Ann,nuh uh.

Arrested Development: Season 2, Ep. 13-The Immaculate Election

Rating: 4/5

Michael finally does something about Lindsay’s laziness after realizing that she has not cleaned the house since the fumigation they had the week before. After this, he decides to speak to George Michael after noticing that he has pretty low self esteem. Michael suggests that George Michael run for class president but only to have Ann beat him to it.

Back at the condo, Lupe  is left feeling bad for Buster who has lost his hand. She ends up sleeping with him to cheer him up and end up being caught by Lucille. Lucille fires her and on her way home, Lupe runs into Lindsay who tries to trick her into cleaning the model home for her. This plan backfires and Lindsay ends up cleaning the house.

Back at the office, Maeby is making copies for Steve Holt’s campaign and it is here that Michael realizes that perhaps George Michael is not as popular as he had believed. Michael ends up firing Gob after finding him walking around doing tricks and not working. After this, Michael rushes to school to try and stop George Michael from running but it’s too late. George Michael is actually thrilled and hires Ann to help him with his campaign.

Meanwhile, Lindsay hires a house keeper, who is actually Tobias dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire in an attempt to get closer to Maeby and prove that he can act. However, everyone knows he is Tobias but decide to not say anything. Lucille ends up getting a robot cleaner which Buster sleeps with as he is “half machine.”

Ann ends up working with Steve Holt on his campaign after George Michael gets help from Gob. Steve Holt ends up showing a very Christian themed video about not knowing who his father is while George Michael’s video bashes him for not kn0wing who his father is. Steve Holt feels bad and ends up dropping out of the race to find his father. It is later revealed that Gob might be his father. George Michael ends up losing in dead last place losing to “the Indian kid.”

I think that this is episode is successful because of it’s commentary on the 2004 presidential election. Once again they do this in a funny way as Steve Holt is portrayed to be like George Bush and George Michael as John Kerry. The Indian Kid is meant to be like Ralph Nader. Also, the religious theme plays on the fact that George W. Bush was popular among Christian folk and this is what ultimately helped him win the election.

Arrested Development: Season 2, Ep. 13-Motherboy XXX

Rating: 4/5

When I first saw the title of this episode, I immediately thought it was going to be something dirty which in a way is true. Motherboy is a mother-son pageant which Lucille and Buster always compete in. This year however, Lucille is ashamed of his hook hand and decides to get Michael to participate in Motherboy with her. He refuses to attend with her.

Meanwhile, George Michael is getting ready for a camping trip with Ann which Maeby decides to attend as well as you get to miss school. Michael persuades George Michael into not going by suggesting that he spend time with Buster instead. George Michael agrees and it is here that Lucille tricks George Michael to enter the pageant with her as Buster was not at the condo but was instead, with Gob and Michael after finding the seal that bit off his hand. The seal ended up being only the left flipper which suggests that his hand has also ripped off (by a shark.)

Meanwhile, the Bluth boys return home only to discover that Lucille has taken George Michael to the pageant. Buster realizes that it is not too late to prevent George Michael from ending up like him and decide to rescue him. They arrive to the pageant and find them in matching sailor suits which they change from after spotting another mother son team wearing the same outfit. Michael and Buster go onto the roof and look for a sad looking boy on the balcony. They immediately see George Michael dressed as Sonny Bono and Buster decides to zip line down to him with his hook. Naturally, this fails and Buster crashes through a skylight and through a hotel room. The hook makes it to the room and Lucille and George Michael change again, this time, into gypsies. At the dance, Buster confronts Lucille about being ashamed of him and Lucille states that she would never be ashamed of him. George Michael and Michael end up leaving and Buster stays to dance with Lucille.

This episode was great as we see that perhaps Buster is not a complete idiot and that he actually cared about the family. Also, it is clear that he knows what a momma’s boy he is and is determined to avoid others from ending up the same way. Also, I love the ridiculous product placement which in this case is promoting Burger King. This is seen throughout the episode as Carl Weathers and Tobias meet at a Burger King and have the fakest conversation about how great Burger King is. This is clearly ridiculing the extreme product placement in TV today. Additionally, this episode continues with the Abu Ghraib prison incidents from the Iraq War which are shown through photographs of Gob’s wife in Iraq.

Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 12-Hand to God

Rating: 4/5

This episode begins with Michael informing George Michael of the “fact” that Maggie is pregnant and that he will have a little brother which George Michael is excited about. However, Maggie has decided to never speak to him again. Lucille calls screaming that Buster’s been hurt and the family rushes to the hospital where the misleading doctor is there to tell them that Buster will be all right, which actually means all right hand as his left hand was bitten off. Along with this attack, he has suffered memory loss and forgets that Oscar is his father. Lucille uses this to her advantage and tells him that George Sr. is his father. It is here that Michael receives advice from Buster which is that clearly, he still has feelings for her and that he should go out and be with her even is she hates him.

Michael uses this advice and meets Maggie at the bar where they first met. Maggie informs him that a week before they met she had gone to a sperm bank and the father is some guy from Harvard. Michael states that he does not care and that he will raise this child as if it were his own but regrets this as soon as he says it. Meanwhile, Buster finally comes home and has a hook as a replacement for his hand, who thought it was a brilliant idea, I don’t know. Gob arrives and is terrified to see this. Buster tells them that the seal that bit him was wearing a yellow bow tie. Tobias states that a seal would never attack unless it has acquired a taste for mammal blood. Gob realizes that this was his seal and that it had acquired a taste for blood after attacking a cat and biting his hand. Both Lucille and Gob tell Michael that Buster’s accident was their fault but Michael is too preoccupied over finding out who the father is.

This time, Lindsay and Tobias refuse to break in to Maggie’s and instead recruits George Michael to help. George Michael squeezes in through the doggy door but runs out as he is scared. He manages to grab a note that says “Really eager to hear from you” along with a phone number. Police men who had met Michael at the bar earlier arrive and state that no one should try to break in as his partner was in there with his gun drawn. George Michael is terrified and they leave.

Michael uses Gene Parmesan to track the address of the phone number. This leads them to the home of the police officer who had greeted them earlier. He invites Michael in and introduces him to his gay partner David. They tell him that they had hired Maggie to carry a baby for them but she was planning to raise the child with Michael. Michael decides to help the cops get their baby and outsmart Maggie.

Back at the courtroom, Maggie is with her large client who is actually the one who is pregnant and Maggie is not. She had upgraded to a latex pregnancy suit which is why it looked real. Upon finding out she could not get pregnant, Maggie fired her client to carry the baby for her which is why the urine came back positive (tested the wrong woman’s pee.) While at the stand, her client’s water breaks and Maggie fakes her water breaking as well.

Meanwhile, Gob tells Buster that he is responsible for the hand and Buster attacks him with the hook. They both end up going to the hospital. Michael and the policemen arrive at the hospital and are given the suit wrapped in a blanket. Eventually, they do get their baby. Maggie is ashamed of what she did and tells Michael this. They agree to no more lies, sex or even speaking but they end up having sex in the room. In the “on the next episode” segment we see that Maggie takes a pregnancy test which comes back positive and of course, can only be Michael’s baby. As where this is going, I have no idea.

Once again, I am upset that Maggie had to lie through everything but then again, she is a lawyer.  Also, I must say it was really stupid to have  a hook as a hand plus super creepy.

Arrested Development: Season 2, Ep. 11-Out on a Limb

Rating: 4/5

Finally! I had heard that Buster loses his hand from a friend and I was pretty upset that she ruined it for me. However, when I actually saw the scene, gross!

In this episode we see that Michael is finally going out with Sally but I don’t know why if she had already stated that she does not go out with anyone her father approves. They decide to tell George Michael who is thrilled about this and definitely approves. However, things are ruined when Gob tells them he is being sued for divorce. Apparently, he forgot that he had gotten married in a night of  escalating dares. She however, has gone off to war and left her seals in his care. After trying to include them in his magic act, he decides this won’t work out and decides to release the seals into the ocean (remember this fact.)

Michael informs Gob that George had prepaid Barry to divorce Tobias and Lindsay and let’s him use his services on his own marriage. It is here that Gob realizes he doesn’t remember what his wife looked like or even her name (he jokes that if her name is Amy, he’ll make fun of it, which is actually her name [Amy Poehler plays his onset and real life wife]).

Barry tells them that he is busy with another case and tells Michael that the defendant is Maggie Lizer. Intrigued, Michael goes to court on to see that Maggie is 8 1/2 months pregnant and that they stopped dating 8 1/2 months ago (even though the episode had aired a year earlier.) However, Maggie insists that the baby is not his. Michael being the good guy, decides to break up with Sally even though she breaks up with him after deciding that he is always looking for some excuse to not be with her.

Meanwhile, George dressed as Oscar, tells Buster to not go to war and that he is his father. Buster misinterprets this, even though Oscar really is his father, and storms off to war to spite Lucille. Maeby and George Michael decide to bring Ann to Lucille’s place so she can break up him. Lucille however, is depressed and asks Ann to teach her how to believe and how to pray. Ann is thrilled and decides she likes Lucille.

Tobias and Lindsay are sent on Michael’s request to see if Maggie really is pregnant and find a pregnancy suit. They call Michael and tells him that she is not really pregnant but this happens before they test some urine which states that she is pregnant and that Michael is going to be a dad, again. Michael hears this and tells Maggie off only to end up being wrong as she lifts up her shirt and indeed, is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Lucille prays that God take anything from the family that will keep Buster from going to war. This is when Buster is swimming in the ocean as an act of defiance against Lucille, and ends up having his left hand bitten off by a “loose seal” (haha, Lucille, loose seal.)

I feel that music played some role in this as while Lucille, Oscar and Buster are at the beach, suspenseful music is played. When George is talking about never really reaching out and giving Buster a “hand”, more suspenseful music is played. Also, I’m pretty upset that Maggie is brought back because I never liked her and she caused the end of Sally and Michael which I was totally rooting for:(



Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 10-Ready, Aim, Marry Me!

Rating: 4/5

Once again we begin with Lucille complaining to Michael but this time, with an actual worry. Lucille is worried that Lucille 2 is making some sort of power play against the Bluth Company. Meanwhile, George is trying to get Michael with Sally and gives him a date basket to work it out. This however, does not work out as Michael thinks that Sally is hiding from him and instead gives the basket to Tobias who thinks that it is for him and Michael. Again, “subtle” hints of Tobias actually being gay which is why he cannot do anything with Lindsay.

Gob expresses similar thoughts as he walks into Lucille 2 hanging up the phone which causes him to believe that she is making a power move. After telling Michael this, he too is convinced and decides to take action. He tells George this and he decides to send over “Uncle Jack” who is not actually their uncle However, his legs were broken in a body building fiasco. In return for his help, Jack states that he must have the blonde (Lindsay.) Feeling terrible about this, Michael reluctantly agrees. Lindsay thinks that she is on a date with Jack’s assistant, Dragon, and agrees to go. Later, she reveals that she knew that she was set up but because she never does anything for the company, she realized she should take a bullet for them.

This all happens at the hotel resort where Tobias had gone to enjoy his date basket while waiting for Lindsay to show up. He ends up calling Michael to use the basket with him, again, pretty gay. Lindsay and Jack show up there and go horse back riding. Lucille 2 and Stan Sitwell show up on a date and not actually planning to take control of the Bluth company. Gob and Buster also show up to break up the date and take back Lucille 2, both believing that they are going out with her. As you can probably guess, this all ends in a fight and Lucille 2 ultimately, gets sick of this. She announces she will sell her shares of the company and let someone else run them. However, she ends up selling them to Uncle Jack who then names Lindsay president of the Bluth Company. This doesn’t actually happen as no one would let Lindsay be president.

It is in this episode that we see Lindsay perform a chicken dance much like Gob but not exactly like his. I think that itself is pretty funny. I felt that throughout this episode thank goodness, their suspicions finally added up to something however, it was not something good.

Arrested Development: Season 2,Episode 9-Burning Love

Rating: 4/5

It’s kinda weird to see that this episode is about the charity bachlorette auction. Like it has already been a year?! I mean I know this is just a show so naturally it seems like time goes by quicker but still! I’m kinda saddened by this.

Anyway, George Michael is off looking for CDs for a christian cd burning bonfire that Ann has asked him to participate in. At first, I liked this girl because she was better to be obsessed over than Maeby but now this girl is just super weird, and creepy and it’s probably because she’s super religious. I think it’s because I never really cared for religious fanatics that I’m like “this girl is crazy.”

Michael meanwhile, is working at the banana stand while George Michael is out buying CDs for the burning. It is here that his old crush, Sally Sitwell, appears and Michael is clearly not over her. Gob reveals that he is still with Lucille 2 but does not care for her. Michael realizes that now is his chance to win Sally over and “accidentally” runs into her at the country club. Stan and Sally invite him over to their table and also invite Gob and Lucille 2. Because of this, both Bluth men are embarrassed and have to pretend to not care about the girls they really do. To top that embarrassment, Michael’s card is declined after George used the card to buy a hot tub for the attic.

Meanwhile, Lucille cannot find anyone to bid on her at the auction while Lindsay seduces actor Moses Taylor so that he could bid on her. It is here that Michael decides to bid on Sally to win her over. Buster however, is saddened that he cannot be with Lucille 2. Michael sees this and decides to give his bidding money to Buster. He ends up bidding on Lucille 2 for the second year in a row.

Michael of course, is left upset as he can no longer bid on Sally. Stan sees this and states that he was hoping that Michael would bid on her as he always liked him. With the approval of Stan, Michael exchanges his Corvette for money to bid on Sally. Sally however, tells Michael that she will not date anyone who her father approves of.

I failed to mention that on this night, George Michael and Ann share their first kiss which of course, is as awkward as you’d think it would be. I hate that these writers just cannot leave Michael to be happy. Like this girl actually seemed normal and nice and not insane but no, he just cannot be happy. I mean whatever, people keep watching for this and gets high ratings.

(Even though Arrested Development was highly praised by critics but not well received by  the audience. I mean, it was almost canceled before this season and after this season as well. This is definitely because of the initial boring vibe that this show gives off. I feel like because of this, people don’t really want to watch.)